The Foolishness of Militant Secularism

Andrew Brown writes in the Guardian

Angry nonbelievers assume ‘the religious’ have no access to reason – so all they do is repeat themselves, loudly.

Boy that’s the truth.

There are three kinds of people in Britain today who might be taken for militant secularists: that is to say people who are not just themselves unbelievers, but have an emotional investment in the extirpation of religious belief in others. There are the adolescents who have just discovered “rationality”; there are gay people who feel personally threatened by traditional monotheist morality; and, in this country, there are parents frustrated by the admissions policy of religiously controlled schools.

And it just gets better.  Enjoy.

1 thought on “The Foolishness of Militant Secularism

  1. whitney

    You have no idea how true this is. I was raised in an atheist/secularist home. I was taught from a very early age that anyone with any religious feeling was intellectually or psychologically defective. I struggle with my faith because I wonder ‘am I crazy, am I stupid’ and always live with the sure knowledge that my family thinks I am one of those things. Frankly, it’s kinda awful.


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