Terror as Method: Iran, and Israel

In Ha’aretz this excellent piece-

Iran uses terror to target civilians, and so does Israel

Which begins

Who is against terror? We will all devotedly raise our hands. But people who are truly against terror must also say: against all terror, against any terror, be it Iranian, Palestinian or Israeli.

100% correct! Iranian terror is horrific and so is Palestinian, and so is Israeli! Israel needs to stop pretending that it’s the victim of terror when it too perpetrates the method (as does, by the way, the United States). There are no clean hands in any of the countries of the Middle East- or West. Terror is a method every country utilizes so this ‘holy indignation’ aimed at Iran is pure hypocrisy whether it comes from Tel Aviv or Washington.

Terror is terror, against diplomats exactly like against scientists, even if the latter are developing nuclear weapons. There is no great difference between an attempt to kill a representative of Israel’s Defense Ministry and a strike on an Iranian nuclear physicist. There are nuclear physicists in Israel too and if, God forbid, someone tried to assassinate them, that would rightly be considered cruel terror.

Levy knows what he’s talking about.

And so anyone who uses these deplorable assassination methods cannot be critical when someone else tries to emulate them. And why should the world denounce Iran’s terrorist acts – as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said yesterday – and not denounce others? Are there special countries that are allowed to assassinate at will, and others who are not?

Right, right 1000 times right!

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3 thoughts on “Terror as Method: Iran, and Israel

  1. wken 16 Feb 2012 at 7:59 am

    Yes. For example, the US is allowed to depose democratic governments (such as pre-Shah Iran). Israel is allowed to assassinate officials or kill civilians because they’re Israel.

    The US is allowed to blow up villages and kill civilians because we’re us.

    If Iran does it, then it’s evil because they’re Iran.

    You obviously haven’t figured out the whole “US vs. them” dynamic of morality, have you?



  2. Matthew Hamilton 16 Feb 2012 at 3:45 pm

    Case A: Government X assassinates a figure of military significance of government Y and chooses a means that harms as few bystanders as possible
    Case B: Government X assassinates a figure of military significance of government Y and is not concerned about bystanders – a bomb in a marketplace where the target will be is considered okay
    Case C: Government X plants a bomb in a crowded marketplace to kill as many bystanders as possible and if by chance a figure of military significance of government Y is in marketplace, that is just a bonus.

    All three cases use violence and result in death and harm – but they are not morally the same. Simple comparisons between Iran and Israel (or PLO and Israel, or Hezbollah and Israel) that equates them are misleading and unethical


    • Jim 16 Feb 2012 at 3:47 pm

      nonsense- whats unethical is excusing murder because of politics


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