Hector Avalos Threats…

Don’t mean anything to me.  Avalos writes, in comments to my Dawkins is a liar post (and he is a liar) –

Either retract your statement, or you may find yourself featured in an essay on the hypocrisy of Jim West’s research. You criticize Dawkins for his research, but don’t have the integrity to see that you also have blatantly told an untruth, and you are not willing to give us a precise source.

I’m not retracting anything and Avalos and all those who align themselves with him or agree with him can do and say as they wish.  I don’t care.  I’m amused, in fact, that he’s willing to stoop to threats.  But I remain unconcerned.  I linked to the lie in question in the original post and if Hector can’t click it and read it, I can’t help that.

Dawkins is responsible for what his organization does and when it lies, he lies.  I’m not going to say otherwise.  So, threaten away, angry Atheists.  I – again – don’t care.  I won’t be persuaded by threats and – frankly- what any angry atheist thinks about me or what the entire world of angry atheists think about me isn’t at all my concern.

3 thoughts on “Hector Avalos Threats…

  1. Ooooh! How scary! Are you shaking in your urine-filled boots yet?! I sure hope you’re wearing brown pants!

    You know, it takes a BIG MAN to threaten someone with a hatchet job for the unspeakable sin of contradicting and dismissing the rock star televangelist of their feverish religion. I bet he gets all the girls. Good for him, I guess, but can’t they refrain from shoving their religion down our collective throats?


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  3. Actually, threatening an “expose” if you don’t do something is a form of extortion.

    I think Avalos is the kind of man who was beat up in school when he was a kid.


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