Richard Dawkins is a Liar

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Britain's liar in chief.

British Christians do not think religion should have a special influence on public policy and display low levels of belief and practice, research suggests. Despite identifying themselves with the religion, most turn out to be overwhelmingly secular in their attitudes on issues ranging from gay rights to religion in public life, the Ipsos Mori poll found. Almost three quarters (74 per cent) agreed that religion should not influence public policy, while only about one in eight (12 per cent) thought it should, the survey found.

And the source of this supposed research?

Conducted for the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science (UK), it also found that 92 per cent of Christians agreed the law should apply to everyone equally, regardless of their personal religious beliefs.

First, Christians (who are really Christian) do in fact want the values they assert to influence society since to behave otherwise is to abandon faith. Faith lived in isolation from life is no faith at all.

So what kind of ‘Christians’ did the “Dawkins” foundation interview? Disenchanted ones who hang out on message boards hosted by angry atheists? Or did he send his tools into actual Churches and ask actual Christians their views? I doubt it was the latter. Or did he poll angry ‘people’ who used to be ‘Christians’ but who turned from their faith because God didn’t heal them (Avalos) or because they think they’re smarter than God (Ehrman) or because they couldn’t manage their own lives and marriages and blamed God for it (Loftus) or any number of persons who have made themselves into the silly little self adoring idols they’ve become?

Trusting research by Dawkins is like trusting satan to tell the truth.  His anti-God agenda so colors every sappish nonsensical word out of his mouth and pen and work that only someone with his same hatred of faith would believe anything he or his feckless dimwitted minions assert.

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  2. Jim: calling and being… two different things
    Jim, perhaps you can take it up with the 71% of Britains Steven (and Dawkins, I suspect) are referring to 🙂


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