A Presbyterian Who Doesn’t Like Tabor’s Work

So he’s posted a piece subtly titled ‘The Jesus Discovery’: the latest claptrap from pseudo-archaeologist James Tabor about to soil bookstore shelves.

And that’s not all. He continues

When he’s not eulogising fellow cranks such as the notorious crackpot Vendyl ”Arkhunter” Jones, James Tabor is busy thinking up his next great archaeological discovery. Here’s what he’s about to serve us this Easter:  The Jesus Discovery: The New Archaeological Find That Reveals the Birth of Christianity.

Written/conceived in conjunction with his buddy, the non-Naked non-archaeologist but expert self-promoter Simcha Jacobovici, in this latest book Tabor is still beating the dead horse called the ‘Jesus Family tomb’ — and making his usual enormous speculatory leaps of historical faith. Truly, his preferred form of archaeology is carried out with a trowel in one hand and a documentary contract from Discovery Channel in the other.

Seems fair to say that he’s not a Tabor fan. But he is British.  And readers certainly know where he stands.  Unless they’re excessively dense.

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