Quote of the Day

Sloth and sluggishness do displease God utterly. The Lord mislikes the yawning mouth and folded arms, the signs of sleep, which commonly follow the careless man, who doth neglect the state and condition of his house and family. — Heinrich Bullinger

Bullinger’s ‘Decades’

Logos has them – all 4 volumes (50 sermons in all).   If you want to understand the purpose and aim of the Decades, just imagine a 4 volume systematic theology from the perspective of the greatest of the second generation Swiss Reformers.

The collection opens with a riveting explanation of Bullinger’s works in the preface of First and Second Decades, boldly exclaiming his focus and passion for preaching and teaching. Bullinger then covers the Four General Synods, or Councils, and provides historical significance and relevance of the various creeds that came from these councils. The sermons that follow resonate with sympathy, love, grace, and tenderness not indicative of his time. With a passion for truth and God’s word, Bullinger delivers messages that spurred and shaped the Reformation, yet still impact today’s church.

This is an excessively useful collection.  Excessively useful.  And it just became available today.

Once a Molester, Always a Molester

Our local station tells the tale-

A convicted sex offender was arrested for attempting to solicit a minor for sex and intent to make child porn.  David Eli Cramer, 50, of McMinnville, was arrested after a month-long investigation by Morristown Police.  In January, Lt. Christian Newman of the Morristown Police Department Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Unit posed as a 14-year-old girl on a social networking website, when Cramer attempted to solicit her.  Cramer told her he wanted to come to Morristown to meet her and make pornography.

Once a molester always a molester.  The only cure- a small cell spent in total isolation for the remainder of their unnatural life.

In The Name of Equality, Stupidity

The Guardian reports

In the name of equality, anti-elitist teachers are betraying the hopes of the young. Or as the headline has it- Dumbing down of state education has made Britain more unequal than 25 years ago.

The report includes this snippet

This anti-elitist spirit pervades higher education, too. It is embodied by Prof Les Ebdon, Vince Cable’s candidate to run the Office of Fair Access. Prof Ebdon, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Bedfordshire (formerly Luton College of Higher Education), wants Oxford and Cambridge to make allowances for applicants from comprehensives in order to make them more “inclusive” – there’s that word again. Far better to lower standards at our top universities, he believes, than try to raise them in our state schools. Unfortunately, the Prime Minister has said he has no intention of vetoing the appointment.

Pandering to the dumb only dumbs down the whole-

The area of education where this attitude does most damage is in schools themselves. The Daily Telegraph’s report today, revealing that British schoolchildren are lagging far behind other parts of the Western world when it comes to literacy and development, comes as no surprise to me. I was recently contacted by Joseph Reynolds, the parent who campaigned against the decision of his daughter’s comprehensive to dump Shakespeare from the GCSE English curriculum in favour of The Simpsons.

Poor Britain.  It sounds like they’ve whole hog adopted the ignorance we call George Bush’s ‘no child left behind’ (which is really smart kids held back while not so smart kids live to be albatrosses.).

Oh don’t give me that look- there are smart kids and there are not so smart kids.  Don’t pretend there aren’t.  Why should the smart ones be tethered to the unintelligent?

Jerry Sandusky Touched Inappropriately his Own Grandson

According to the boy’s mom

Sandusky “inappropriately touched my son,” says Jill Thomas, adding that she thinks he was grooming the child for sex abuse. Sandusky still isn’t allowed to see Thomas’ three children, who were excepted from yesterday’s ruling, but Thomas says she doesn’t believe it is safe for Sandusky to be around “any children” and that she will continue to fight the ruling. Sandusky was not charged with a crime over the allegations that he touched his grandson, ABC News notes.

“Although I have kept silent up until now to protect my children and my family’s privacy, I can no longer keep silent about Jerry Sandusky’s request to be permitted to see my children,” Thomas said in a statement. “Shortly after news of the child sexual abuse criminal charges against Jerry Sandusky became public, my children reported to me that Jerry Sandusky, their grandfather, had inappropriately touched my son. I was devastated by this news.”

If he did all these things (and it seems he really did), he really is one sick pervert.  No court should let him within 5 miles of any child.  Better safe than sorry.  Still, it’s disgusting that the more we hear about this guy, the worse he gets.

Win a Trip to Logos Headquarters, In Washington (State)

Yup, you read that right.  Just visit right here for all the info.  Or as the kids say, all the 911.  Or is it 411?  Who cares, kids are kind of goofy so there’s no telling what they mean most of the time anyway.

Back to the topic then, go visit!  Enter.  You could show up at Rick Brannan or Cliff Kvidahl’s desk and personally get to stick your tongue out at them (which is what I plan to do if I win).

The Difference Between Expiation and Propitiation: Or, How the KJV Blew It

I John 2:2 declares ‘And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world’ (KJV). There’s just one problem with this translation: ἱλασμός doesn’t mean ‘propitiation’, it means ‘expiation’.

When you ‘propitiate’ a deity you do the same thing as the natives do when they trundle up a volcano and toss a virgin in it to stop the angry god from destroying you and your fellow islanders.

When ‘expiation’ occurs you do the same thing as the Israelites did when they put their hands on the scapegoat and sent it off into the wilderness. That goat ‘bears your sins away’ where they can’t harm you anymore and their effects are ameliorated.

This is why accurate translation matters. The difference between rendering ἱλασμός propitiation and expiation is the difference between pagan ritual and revelation. The God of the Bible is the God who, in Christ, carries our sins off. That’s why he is our ἱλασμός. And he is our ἱλασμός because that is what he does.

The KJV blew it on this one. And blew it big.

Very Sad News: R.T. France has Died

Peter Head writes

I learnt this morning that Dick France had died on 1oth Feb 2012. I studied Mark’s Gospel with Dick in 1985-86 at LBC. They were great times with a small group of us gathered round the text under Dick’s guidance. His books (especially Jesus and the Old Testament and Matthew: Evangelist and Teacher) have been a constant source of good judgement and good material for lectures, and his commentaries (on Matthew and Mark) exhibit his calm and thoughtful attention to reading the text. But it is Dick the teacher I will remember, the model he provided of Christian scholarship, and the encouragement he offered at several crucial moments.

May Prof. France rest in peace.  He was a brilliant exegete and his work important.

Johannes Wolleb

Via the folk at PRDL-

The Compendium theologiae christianae of Johannes Wolleb is now available in English translation: The abridgment of Christian divinitie (London, 1660). This work, along withWilliam Ames‘s Marrow of Theology, was used as an introduction to theology at Harvard and Yale into the eighteenth century.  PRDL | Johannes Wollebius (1589-1629) / 5 titles, 5 vols.  www.prdl.org  Publicly available digitized works of Johannes Wollebius via Post-Reformation Digital Library.(PRDL) http://fb.me/prdl.org

What’s The Difference Between Baptizing the Dead and Baptizing Infants?

Jewish folk are rightly upset that Jewish persons have been baptized by the Mormons.  But what’s the difference between that and Catholics or Methodists or Anglicans or Presbyterians or Lutherans baptizing infants who cannot possibly have expressed a wish to be so treated?

If a person can’t assent to baptism it’s not really baptism is it- it’s something external and quite meaningless in terms of one’s own spirituality.

Baptizing infants and baptizing the dead are the same thing.  In both cases persons are treated to something without their consent by persons who think they’ve done something helpful.

A Presbyterian Who Doesn’t Like Tabor’s Work

So he’s posted a piece subtly titled ‘The Jesus Discovery’: the latest claptrap from pseudo-archaeologist James Tabor about to soil bookstore shelves.

And that’s not all. He continues

When he’s not eulogising fellow cranks such as the notorious crackpot Vendyl ”Arkhunter” Jones, James Tabor is busy thinking up his next great archaeological discovery. Here’s what he’s about to serve us this Easter:  The Jesus Discovery: The New Archaeological Find That Reveals the Birth of Christianity.

Written/conceived in conjunction with his buddy, the non-Naked non-archaeologist but expert self-promoter Simcha Jacobovici, in this latest book Tabor is still beating the dead horse called the ‘Jesus Family tomb’ — and making his usual enormous speculatory leaps of historical faith. Truly, his preferred form of archaeology is carried out with a trowel in one hand and a documentary contract from Discovery Channel in the other.

Seems fair to say that he’s not a Tabor fan. But he is British.  And readers certainly know where he stands.  Unless they’re excessively dense.

Richard Dawkins is a Liar

English: Richard Dawkins on a Richard Dawkins ...

Britain's liar in chief.

British Christians do not think religion should have a special influence on public policy and display low levels of belief and practice, research suggests. Despite identifying themselves with the religion, most turn out to be overwhelmingly secular in their attitudes on issues ranging from gay rights to religion in public life, the Ipsos Mori poll found. Almost three quarters (74 per cent) agreed that religion should not influence public policy, while only about one in eight (12 per cent) thought it should, the survey found.

And the source of this supposed research?

Conducted for the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science (UK), it also found that 92 per cent of Christians agreed the law should apply to everyone equally, regardless of their personal religious beliefs.

First, Christians (who are really Christian) do in fact want the values they assert to influence society since to behave otherwise is to abandon faith. Faith lived in isolation from life is no faith at all.

So what kind of ‘Christians’ did the “Dawkins” foundation interview? Disenchanted ones who hang out on message boards hosted by angry atheists? Or did he send his tools into actual Churches and ask actual Christians their views? I doubt it was the latter. Or did he poll angry ‘people’ who used to be ‘Christians’ but who turned from their faith because God didn’t heal them (Avalos) or because they think they’re smarter than God (Ehrman) or because they couldn’t manage their own lives and marriages and blamed God for it (Loftus) or any number of persons who have made themselves into the silly little self adoring idols they’ve become?

Trusting research by Dawkins is like trusting satan to tell the truth.  His anti-God agenda so colors every sappish nonsensical word out of his mouth and pen and work that only someone with his same hatred of faith would believe anything he or his feckless dimwitted minions assert.

Horror in Homs

Al Arabiya informs us

Shelling was reported in the Syrian towns of Homs and Rastan early on Tuesday, after as many as 43 people were killed on Monday, Al Arabiya reported citing Syrian activists.  A monitoring group said it was the most intense attack on the central flashpoint city of Homs and its Baba Amro area for days.  “The shelling of the Baba Amro neighborhood began at dawn and is the most intense in five days,” said Rami Abdel Rahman of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, citing activists on the ground.  “Two rockets are falling a minute on average,” the head of the Britain-based group told AFP on the phone.

And here we sit… we and our European friends and even the Arabs.