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The Grammys Matter… A Lot…???

“There’s nothing like winning a Grammy to give you lasting credibility.” — 1990 winners Milli Vanilli

How Rob Bell and Taco Bell are Similar

1- Both are more famous than they should be.

2- Both have slick adverts promoting their wares.

3- Both feed the populace rubbish wrapped in a deliciously constructed but totally nutritionally flawed tortilla; a tortilla which hides within itself death and coma.  In short, both pump out poison.

4- Both are named Bell which rhymes with hell which is the final destination of both.

So when you see Bell – whether the first name is Taco or Rob, think hell.  Bell (both of them) only want you to feel good without any interest in the consequences.

Bodies in the Rubbish Heap

The discovery of ‘executed’ bodies in an unmarked grave outside Homs raises questions over the extent of brutality used by both sides in Syria‘s civil war. From the one body that was completely exposed, the men in the rubbish-strewn pit had obviously been executed. His face was skeletal from decomposition, but the ropes around his feet still seemed as fresh as when they were tied several weeks ago. His arms, too, were bound behind his back. In an unpleasant additional humiliation, his bare blackened buttocks faced the sky, his trousers forced down to his knees. The other corpses were still half buried, apart from the pelvis and femurs and tibias of one that had been dragged away and picked clean by animals. There were at least four in all, and they had not died an honourable death. “They were killed by Assad regime soldiers,” our guides told us. “Probably soldiers trying to defect.”


Can the country take much more before it staggers straight into civil war?

Athens Aflame

Behold, the power of expectation- or rather, crushed expectations.

Riots engulfed central Athens and at least 10 buildings went up in flames in mass protests late Sunday as lawmakers prepared for a historic parliamentary vote on harsh austerity measures demanded to keep the country solvent and within the eurozone.

All those years of high wages, state welfare, unemployment benefits, and health care provided by the state coupled with tax evasion, corruption, graft, and a general indifference to pulling one’s own weight have come home to roost.  There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Since May 2010, Greece has survived on a €110 billion ($145 billion) bailout from its European partners and the International Monetary Fund. When that proved insufficient, a new rescue loan package worth a further €130 billion ($171 billion) was decided — combined with a massive bond swap deal that will write off half the country’s privately held debt.

Mortgaging the future of your country for the pleasures of the moment is bad policy.  It seems like sensible people would know that.  Alas, the Southerners of Europe aren’t as Reformed as their northern neighbors, which is why a free gift is to them better than an earned wage.

In spite of any hope to the contrary, you reap what you sow.


via Dot King on FB

I’ve Gained New Respect for Joe Lieberman

Independent Sen. Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut called Sunday for the United States to provide direct assistance to the Syrian people in their struggle to oust President Bashar al-Assad.  “It’s time to try to help the brave Syrian freedom fighters to carry out a fair fight,” he said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

English: President Bashar al-Assad of Syria . ...

mass murderer

Finally an American politician states the obviously true.  If the world won’t act we must.  The blood of the Syrians will be on our hands if we don’t.

U.N. officials estimate 6,000 people have died since protests seeking political reforms in Syria began nearly a year ago.  So far, the Obama administration has recalled the U.S. ambassador to Syria and imposed sanctions, while pushing unsuccessfully for a U.N. Security Council resolution against the Assad regime.

6000 dead and America today is upset because one singer is.  It just makes no sense.  We must do something to help the Syrians.

Today In Syria: As the Government of Al Assad Continues to Murder its own People

Death toll in Syria today rises to 27.  Via Al Arabiya on twitter.

I’m Sad Too…

For the thousands of Syrians who have lost loved ones to the tyrant who rules that troubled land.  So while I feel sorry for the family of Whitney Houston, she was just one person, and she wasn’t the victim of anyone’s choices but her own.

I continue to wonder at the celebrity worship of modern America.  Twitter went aflame last night because of Houston’s death but most of the twitterverse is silent and has been when it comes to the suffering of the Syrians.

This morning GMA has spent nearly the entire hour talking about Houston- more time than they’ve devoted in a month to the horrors taking place in Homs, Syria.

I’m sad too- for a Country so fixated on stardom and entertainment that the lives of persons not involved in the fun business (that includes famous computer makers too) just don’t matter.

America will be great again when the non-jock-entertainer-actor-singer-computer designer’s of the world matter as much to us, corporately, as those who sing and dance and throw balls and give us toys.

You’re right.  We will never be great again, because that will never happen.

A Little Math Humor

If the number 666 is in fact, evil… then 25.806975801 is the root (√) of all evil.  – Via Twitter.