Luther: On Deceptive ‘Preachers’

Of the Anabaptists Luther writes

Even if these infiltrators were otherwise faultless and saintly through and through, still this one fact (that they sneak about unbidden and uncommissioned) sufficiently proves that they are the devil’s messengers and teachers. For the Holy Spirit does not come with stealth. He descends in full view from heaven. The serpents glide unnoticed. The doves fly. You can be sure that this secretiveness is characteristic of the devil.

The same could be said of today’s self-appointed ‘preachers’.


One thought on “Luther: On Deceptive ‘Preachers’

  1. Marc Regier 2 Feb 2012 at 3:45 pm

    I remembered having read this treatise with delight back at the Menno College. It was titled something like, “On infiltrating and clandestine preachers.”


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