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Eddie Long’s ‘Ceremony’ Has Offended the Jewish Community

The other day I mentioned the absurd and despicably self-important ‘ceremony’ in which ‘King Bishop Eddie Long’ was ‘crowned’.  The heretic’s behavior hasn’t pleased the Jewish community, as the AP reports.

Jewish leaders are criticizing a ceremony that involved a controversial megachurch leader being wrapped in a religious scroll and exalted as a “king” to the applause of his parishioners. The video from a service last Sunday at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church shows Rabbi Ralph Messer, a Messianic preacher, instructing two men to slowly wrap Bishop Eddie Long in a large scroll that’s purported to be the Torah.

Disgusting.  Just disgusting.

The Torah is one of Judaism’s most sacred objects and Jewish groups said the notion that it was used in a ceremony at the church was offensive.  “The notion that he wraps Bishop Long in a Torah is horrifying simply because it’s completely inappropriate. It’s an awful way to use the Torah,” said Bill Nigut of the Anti-Defamation League. “And it doesn’t in any way approximate any Jewish ritual.”

It doesn’t approximate any Christian ritual either.  But that’s to be expected since Long isn’t a Christian and his cult isn’t a Church.

Sad News: The Death of Frederick Danker

Cliff Kvidahl writes

Frederick W. Danker, the great lexicographer who brought us BDAG, has passed away.

May Prof. Danker rest in peace.

Frederick W. Danker [was] the Christ Seminary-Seminex Professor Emeritus of New Testament at the Lutheran School of Theology, Chicago, Illinois. One of the worlds premier classicists and Greek lexicograhers, Danker is best known for his thorough revision of the english version of Bauer’s Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature, which was released as the 3rd edition in 2000, also known as BDAG. Besides this major achievement, professor Danker was also a part of the previous edition of the lexicon (BAGD), teaming up with professor Gingrich.

Professor Danker received his formal training at the above-mentioned Concordia Seminary, wherein he satisfied requirements for a B.D. degree by dissertation on the function of the hebrew word הֶבֶל (hebel) within the book of Qoheleth. Frederick W. Danker undertook his PhD studies at the University of Chicago, Department of Humanities, in classical studies, with special interest in Homer, Pindar, and the Greek tragedians, finally writing a dissertation on “Threnetic Penetration in Aeschylus and Sophocles.”

From 1954 on, Frederick W Danker taught at LCMS Concordia Seminary in St. Louis. In 1974, he left with the vast majority of faculty members to form Concordia Seminary in Exile, also known as Seminex. On voluntary dissolution of Seminex 1983, professor Danker chose to go to the Lutheran School of Theology, where he taught until his retirement in 1988. Since then, he began his magisterial work on the BDAG, upon which completion the lexicon was finally released in 2000.

UPDATE:  From the ETC Blog  …Frederick W. Danker died today around noon local time. His memorial service is Saturday 18 Feb, 2 p.m., at Bethel Lutheran Church, 7001 Forsyth Blvd., St. Louis, MO, 63105.

Chris Tilling: On Effective Reading of the Bible

Chris is really smitten of Doug Campbell. He here reiterates some of Campbell’s rules for a right reading of Paul.

No, actually this is not an attempt at an exhaustive list of requirements for reading the whole bible, but Doug Campbell makes some really good points on this subject in relation to Paul, which certainly bear worth considering.

Give it a read.

My Favorite Eli/Peyton Commercial

When their dad looks back, like he’s about to smack them on the head… priceless.

A New Documentary: A People Without a Land

Something to Think About

For the record: When God said He would give you the desires of your heart, He was not referring to your unregenerate stone dead heart. ~ Chris Rosebrough

Michael Knows I Have High Blood Pressure… More Pentebabbleist Idiocy

But he insists on posting stories guaranteed to make it soar.  Like this one:

A parishioner at the Disciple Fellowship Christian Church in East St. Louis, Ill., claims the spirit moved another worshiper so much during service that she caused others to tumble over backwards into her, causing injuries. Now she’s suing the church for damages.

Cheryl Jones alleges in a complaint filed in December that she was visiting the church when member of the congregation received the “spirit” during praise and worship and with no ushers or members to assist, the parishioner fell backwards knocking several members into the plaintiff, who was injured falling to the floor.

“They should have either warned Cheryl and people like her of the potential dangers – especially if they’re not going to have deacons or parishioners to help these people when they fall,” attorney for the plaintiff Brian Millikan told ABCNews.com. Because falling during the service, according to Millikan, is something that “seems to happen often” at the church.

Pentebabbleists….  Montanist to the core.  If they knew ANYTHING about the operations of the Holy Spirit they would know all the nonsense they practice has nothing at all to do with God.

Deuteronomy: Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries

The commentary on Deuteronomy (by Edward J. Woods) from IVP Academic showed up at the post office a while back courtesy the very good people of IVP.

This completely new volume replaces the previous editon of Deuteronomy in the Tyndale Commentary series written by J. A. Thompson.

The commentary follows the standard format- informative introduction containing the usual issues which are described and discussed.  This is naturally followed by an incisive explanation of the text of Dtr.

Woods has done a good job with the – perhaps – most important book of the Torah.  His commentary, however, isn’t as spry as Thompson’s (which is so fantastic as to be among the top ten commentaries on Deuteronomy of all time) nor does it have the musical signature of a great commentary.

Mind you, it’s a good commentary.  It’s adequate for its purpose and it offers readers everything they’ll want to know (and more).  But it isn’t stunning.  It doesn’t grab one by the collar and make one experience the ‘ah-ha’ moment which is a sometime-gift authors give readers.

Woods work is a simple scoop of vanilla.  Thompson’s was Wild Berry Cherry with a banana and some whipped cream and a few cherries on the top.

If you like ice cream you’ll like this book.  Vanilla ice cream, that is.  If you have read a couple of commentaries on Deuteronomy and want ‘more’ than plain vanilla, you’ll want Thompson’s.

[Let me hasten to say that I am no critic of vanilla.  I like it.  My own contributions tend to be plain vanilla and I’m quite pleased with that.  Not everyone needs to be a banana split.  Vanilla is a staple.]

Forty Have So Far: The Petition Calling on Simcha to Set Aside his Suit

As of this morning 40 persons from around the world have joined in, calling on Mr Jacobovici to drop his suit against Mr Zias.  There’s still time if you’d care to lend your voice.  Just go here for the details and the petition link.

Quote of the Day

“A holy man isn’t aware that he’s holy..As soon as we begin to talk about how holy we are, we aren’t holy any more.” AW Tozer

A Challenge from Oded Lipschits

Oded is trying to stir up interest in the Azekah Expedition Facebook page. Run over there and ‘Like’ it. It’s a nicely done page with lots of information and you won’t just ‘Like’ it, you’ll like it.

So, leave here now- go to the Azekah page, and click on like.  What are you waiting for???  Run along now!

A Forthcoming Volume on Calvin

From the TVZ comes word of Johannes Calvin und die kulturelle Prägekraft des Protestantismus, hg. von Konrad Schmid, Emidio Campi.

Exponentinnen und Exponenten aus Wissenschaft, Wirtschaft, Politik und Kirche beleuchten Calvins Bedeutung für den europäischen und aussereuropäischen Protestantismus, aber auch die weltweite kulturelle Prägekraft des Protestantismus. Die Beiträge führen in die Zeit Calvins und des sich entwickelnden Calvinismus ein. Thematisiert wird der Einfluss des Protestantismus auf Staatsdenken, Bildungswesen, Wirtschaft und die historische Rechtswissenschaft. Andere Beiträge gehen der Frage nach, wie sich protestantische Prägungen auf die politische Praxis auswirken können. Mit Beiträgen von Petra Bahr, Philipp Benedikt, Michael Beintker, Anton A. Bucher, Micheline Calmy-Rey, Emidio Campi, Wolfgang Huber, Esther Maurer, Wolfgang Schluchter, Peter Seele, Michael Stolleis, Christoph Strohm, Michael Welker.

Sounds fantastic! I’ve already ordered a copy.

The Press: They Can’t Get Anything Right

The media: they can’t be trusted.  If they can’t manage to get something as mundane as who the self promoting foppish dandy Donald is endorsing what makes anyone think that they can get anything as complex as walking and chewing gum right (much less more complex things like religion or theology)?

Public Lecture on the Dead Sea Scrolls, By Robert Cargill

Robert C. Cargill, UI Assistant Professor of Classics and Religious Studies, will present a three-part series on the Dead Sea Scrolls at 8:30 p.m. Feb. 17 and Feb. 24 at Agudas Achim Congregation, 602 E. Washington St.  Cargill is a biblical studies scholar, classicist, archaeologist, author and digital humanist at the University of Iowa. Cargill’s research includes studies in the Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls and literary criticism of the Bible.

I’m presuming that it’s in Iowa somewhere (since that’s where the paper is).  No matter, wherever you are in the upper Midwest, you’ll want to attend.  Bob’s smart.

‘The Vision of Gabriel’, Once More

Ursula Schattner-Rieser has uploaded her essay „Die Vision Gabriels (Hazon Gabriel-HazGab). Ein Steintext vom Toten Meer?“, Early Christianity 2/4 (2011), 517-536 (Galley Proofs) to Academia.edu. This is one you’ll want to look at.

Luther: On Deceptive ‘Preachers’

Of the Anabaptists Luther writes

Even if these infiltrators were otherwise faultless and saintly through and through, still this one fact (that they sneak about unbidden and uncommissioned) sufficiently proves that they are the devil’s messengers and teachers. For the Holy Spirit does not come with stealth. He descends in full view from heaven. The serpents glide unnoticed. The doves fly. You can be sure that this secretiveness is characteristic of the devil.

The same could be said of today’s self-appointed ‘preachers’.

She Robbed the Bank so She Could Buy…


Evidently her welfare check wasn’t coming quickly enough…

A woman who appeared to not have any teeth in surveillance photos from a bank robbery last month has confessed, apologized and told police she planned the heist because she needed the money for dentures. Evelyn Marie Fuller, 49, remained in a jail Wednesday unable to post bond on bank robbery and other charges filed a day earlier by police in Waynesburg, in western Pennsylvania, where she’s accused of robbing the First National Bank on Jan. 20. Arresting Officer Tom Ankrom said Fuller, of Carmichaels, about 10 miles east, explained her motives when she confessed to the crime. “During her confession, she stated she wanted to use the money to pay for dentures she was unable to get through welfare until next year,” Ankrom said.

Only in America.  If she just lived in Afghanistan, the US Government would happily give her dentures courtesy us.

I Prefer Actual Books

You should too.

via Dot King on FB

A High ‘Ick’ Factor

A West Palm Beach millionaire went to extraordinary lengths to protect his assets from a pending lawsuit: he adopted his longtime girlfriend as his legal daughter.  International Polo Club Palm Beach founder John Goodman legally adopted Heather Laruso Hutchins in Miami-Dade County on October 13, according to the Palm Beach Post. Hutchins and Goodman have been dating since 2009.

Ick.  That means he’s having relations with his adopted daughter.  Ick.  And just more proof that money is the god of this world.

I Don’t Even Know What Etrog Is, But Apparently People in Ancient Israel Did

Antonio writes

The garden was part of an Israelite palace at Ramat Rachel that has been excavated for many years, most recently in a joint dig by Prof. Oded Lipschits and Dr. Yuval Gadot of Tel Aviv University and Prof. Manfred Oeming of Heidelberg University. The palace existed from the time of King Hezekiah until the Hasmonean period in the second century B.C.E.

Here’s the whole story.  Since the excavation is overseen by Lipschits and Gadot and Oeming you can be sure that their work is stellar.