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Tim Tebow Is Cancelling his Appearance in Ohio

Because, according to his spokesman, the Conference doesn’t reflect Tim’s beliefs.  Good for him!  Here’s a report in Newsday on it:

A spokesman for Tim Tebow says he’s canceling an appearance at a revival organized by a controversial Ohio preacher.  The star Denver Broncos quarterback — and outspoken Christian — was scheduled to speak at a Columbus event in March led by televangelist Rod Parsley.  Tebow’s brother Robbie said Wednesday he’s cancelling the talk. Robbie Tebow says Tim’s speakers’ bureau hadn’t researched the event before saying yes to the invitation.

With many thanks to Rachel Zoll of the Associated Press for telling me about it.

He Fed His Students Semen? What Kind of Pervert Does That?

Mark Berndt, a 61-year-old former teacher at Miramonte Elementary School, has been charged with 23 counts of committing lewd acts on children with authorities alleging he spoon-fed semen to his students, the Los Angeles Times reports.

If someone did that to my child- and I might as well say it because I’m thinking it- the police wouldn’t have to worry about him.

According to the Times, Berndt told his students they were going to play “a tasting game,” during which each were blindfolded and sometimes gagged with tape.  Authorities, as well as at least one parent, also alleged semen was fed to students on cookies and on a blue plastic spoon.  Local station KTLA reports the investigation started when a photo processor alerted authorities to photos of Berndt’s which allegedly showed acts of bondage as well as the spoon-feeding.  In total, police report there are 23 male and female alleged victims, all ranging in age from 7 to 10-years-old. They also report the crimes took place between 2008 and 2010.

Honestly, this guy needs to be locked away forever.  He’s not only disgusting, he’s a pervert.  Enjoy eternal incarceration.  Nasty reprobate.

Colleges Aren’t Doing a Very Good Job Teaching Students

How’s that possible?  Accrediting [a purely American lunacy] insures competence, or at least that’s the lie that’s always told.  ‘College X is ‘accredited’ so you can be certain that your child will receive a top notch education’.  Except they aren’t.  Because- put your seatbelt on- education is more about the motivation of the student than it is the administration of an institution.

The open secret in American higher education is that most institutions are unable to measure the quality of their instruction.

Students are being charged loads of money. There’s just no way to tell how good it is. At least if you go out to a restaurant if your food is bad you can send it back. In colleges, they get your money up front. You don’t get it back even if you don’t graduate.

In his State of the Union address last Tuesday, President Obama proposed several measures to lower college tuition. University leaders responded cautiously, warning that cost-cutting reforms might also cut into instructional quality. But here’s the big open secret in American higher education: Most institutions have no meaningful way to measure the quality of their instruction. And the president didn’t ask us to develop one, either.

Because higher ed is big business. Except it’s a big business that’s producing too much failure, too little competence, too few learned people. It’s privileged position in society has rendered it, in many respects, suspect, corrupt [yes, I’m thinking of you Claremont McKenna], and incompetent.

“If you can’t stop tuition from going up, your funding from taxpayers will go down,” Obama warned. “We should push colleges to do better; we should hold them accountable if they don’t.” Fair enough. But look again at Obama’s criteria for “better”: holding down costs, graduating students and helping them get jobs. There’s no mention of whether the students are actually learning anything. At most institutions, including my own, we have no idea if they are. Sure, professors assign grades in their courses, and students are asked to evaluate the classes they take and the professors who teach them. But neither measure gives us any real answer to the $200,000 question: What knowledge or skills are students acquiring in exchange for the skyrocketing tuition they pay?

If you talk to most college grads, they don’t know much more after they finish than they did when they started. And what they did ‘learn’ they’ll forget in 2 years.

And we now have some alarming national data to suggest the answer: not nearly enough. My New York University colleague Richard Arum and the University of Virginia’s Josipa Roksa recently tracked several thousand undergraduates as they moved through two dozen U.S. universities. They found that almost half of them didn’t significantly improve their reasoning or writing skills during the first two years of college. And after four years, subsequent research showed, more than one-third of students still showed no significant gains in these areas.

There’s something wrong in higher ed. Something that too many academics are ignoring because, frankly, they’re only concerned about their own paychecks and not about the students they’re supposed to be educating.

Accreditation agencies are a joke. They accomplish nothing and they only provide administrations boasting rights (purchased at a high price- which price is then passed along to students who are then not furnished what they purchased).

Egyptians Are Missing Being Senselessly Murdered by Mubarak

So they’re killing each other- over football.  CNN reports (via email)-

At least 68 people were killed when riots broke out at a soccer game in Egypt, the country’s deputy health minister said. Hundreds were injured in the riots, the deputy minister said. The fighting occurred in a stadium in the northeastern city of Port Said at a match between Al-Ahly and the home team, Al-Masry.


UPDATE:  The AP is reporting now that 73 are dead and over 1000 injured.

‘King Bishop’ Eddie Long is Nuts

Michael writes

If I woke you up and told you that controversial Bishop of New Birth church, Eddie Long was crowned king I bet you would ask if I have had a fever. Well, not only was he crowned king but he also got dressed in some despicable out fit and was paraded in front of adulating worshipers. The “humble man” of God was only too pleased to oblige as Ralph Messer (who claims to be a Rabbi bringing Torah truth to Christians) with a couple of supposed Jews masqueraded with garb and old bits of scrolls declared how worthy and anointed Bishop and “king” Long is to read sacred scriptures inscribed there in.

And he has video showing the whole despicable charade of a ceremony. Long and Driscoll, heretics of a reprobate self-aggrandizing feather.  But even worse than these two- the ‘churches’ which follow them.  It’s bad enough that the two of them are theological ignoramuses.  Worse still the fact that thousands are equally dim!  Is there NO ONE in either of these churches who knows what truth and proper Christianity are?

The Last Sentence: Bibledex – on 2 Maccabees15:37-39

Nicely done!!!!

An Unpublished Letter of Martin Luther

Refo500 has the information-

Das Internationale Museum der Reformation freut sich über die grosszügige Langzeitleihgabe eines privaten Sammlers: das unveröffentlichte Manuskript D.M. LUTHER AN EINEN GUTEN FREUND. Die Handschrift des deutschen Reformators wurde im April 2011 in Paris versteigert und wird in Zukunft in der Luther-Vitrine des Museums zu sehen sein.

Dieses Manuskript ist ein Entwurf des Anfangs einer der letzten Schriften Martin Luthers, dem Kurtz bekentnis D. Mart. Luthers, vom heiligen Sacrament, veröffentlicht 1544 in Wittenberg. In diesem kleinen Werk widmet sich Luther erneut dem Abendmahlsstreit und beschuldigt vehement den Schweizer Reformator Ulrich Zwingli (1484-1531) und dessen Anhänger. Das mit vielen Anmerkungen und Korrekturen versehene Manuskript unterscheidet sich stark vom gedruckten Text. Bevor er sich Zwingli vornimmt, kritisiert Luther darin einen anderen Theologen, den Schlesier Kaspar von Schwenckfeld (1489/90-1561), der sich ebenfalls gegen Luthers Abendmahlslehre stellt.

A fantastic find!

Cambridge University Students Don’t Like Bad Singing, Apparently…

He may be notoriously bad and perform from inside a litter bin. But students at Cambridge University have been told it is totally “unacceptable” to treat a local busker like rubbish. Charlie Cavey, 31, has been a regular fixture of the university town for 11 years and is known for squeezing himself into a tiny metal bin to sing and play his guitar. But his most recent pitch – outside Corpus Christi college – has upset some students so much that they have started harassing him in a bid to make him move on. On a number of occasions they have thrown stink bombs into the bin and another a bottle of bleach.

It’s kind of surprising that Cambridge students would act that way.  That’s the sort of thing you’d expect from the UNC Tarheels.  But I guess bad manners are universal.

Quote of the Day

National letter of intent day—-where grown men with real careers and families slobber over 18 year olds—who will mostly underachieve. – Colin Cowherd

Compassionless? Vote Romney- He’s Your Man

Because Romney doesn’t care about the poor. There’s plenty of government help for them already…

GOP front-runner Mitt Romney said this morning that he’s not concerned about the plight of the country’s very poor because there are social safety nets that take care of them.  “I’m in this race because I care about Americans,” Romney told CNN’s Soledad O’Brien this morning after his resounding victory in Florida on Monday. “I’m not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there. If it needs repair, I’ll fix it.”

“I’m not concerned about the very rich, they’re doing just fine. I’m concerned about the very heart of the America, the 90, 95 percent of Americans who right now are struggling and I’ll continue to take that message across the nation.”  The CNN anchor pressed Romney: “You just said I’m not concerned about the very poor because they have a safety net. And I think there are lots of very poor Americans who are struggling who would say that sounds odd. Can you explain that?”

“Well, you had to finish the sentence, Soledad,” said Romney. “I said I’m not concerned about the very poor that have the safety net, but if it has holes in it, I will repair them…The – the challenge right now – we will hear from the Democrat Party, the plight of the poor, and – and there’s no question, it’s not good being poor and we have a safety net to help those that are very poor. But my campaign is focused on middle income Americans. My campaign – you can choose where to focus. You can focus on the rich. That’s not my focus. You can focus on the very poor. That’s not my focus. My focus is on middle income Americans, retirees living on social security, people who cannot find work, folks who have kids that are getting ready to go to college. That – these are the people who’ve been most badly hurt during the Obama years.”

No- the people most badly hurt are… well actually it’s just the poor.  The middle class has been hurt by Congress.  The rich, on the other hand, have been blessed by both the Congress and the White House.

Mitt, I’m not sure if you Mormons read the real Bible, but you might want to borrow a copy and open it, say, to Ezekiel 16:49-50.

49 This was the guilt of your sister Sodom: she and her daughters had pride, excess of food, and prosperous ease, but did not aid the poor and needy. 50 They were haughty, and did abominable things before me; therefore I removed them when I saw it.

Mitt, did you see that? Sodom was destroyed because it had excess, you know, kind of like you and the rest of the politicians ruining this country, and because Sodom didn’t aid the poor and needy and, like you, Mitt, were haughty.

Where in the World is Chris Tilling Now?

He’s in North Carolina, visiting Mark Goodacre.  But even Mark can’t keep Chris from diving into the dumpster of depravity, naked:

A naked North Carolina man was arrested on Tuesday after a 15-hour standoff with cops that included an exchange of gunfire, tear gas volleys and a communications robot.  The incident began when a neighbor called the cops on Chris ‘the Devil’ Tilling  Jimmy Albert Burleson, 41, who allegedly sat “naked on his [Greensboro] porch with a gun while calling out to God,” Police Chief Ken Miller told WGHP-TV.  When the responding officer showed up at about 5 a.m., he got quite a surprise when Burleson Tilling allegedly started shooting an automatic weapon at him — possibly an AK-47, the station reported.

And this time there’s video!

N.T. Brueggemann Huh…

“I agree with N.T. Brueggemann as far as the text being misread and there is an example of me misreading in later paragraphs”  –  Bible Students Say (on the twitter).

What, did NT Wright and Walter Brueggemann have a baby blending their two ‘theologies’?????  What a monstrous beast that would be.  [Some students are just idiots.  And yes, there are stupid students just like there are stupid questions].

Blah: Churches Replacing Sunday Evening Worship with Super Bowl Parties

Four words:  a pox on your house.

Plainfield United Methodist Church is planning on throwing a big Super Bowl watch party. The game will be televised on big screen TV, there will be free food fun and lots of fun promised by the locals.  “It’s been wonderful, we have 40 to 60 teenagers that show up here,” said Pastor Bob Preusch.

Yes, it’s ‘wonderful’ to teach teens that worship of God isn’t as important as watching two teams of giant men thumping each other for a strangely shaped ball and slugging down free food and having lots of ‘fun’ (because, God knows, worship can’t be enjoyable, can it…).

Makes perfect sense really if for you Church is nothing but a social organization craving new participants at any price rather than what it really is: the body of Christ called to make disciples, not fans.

But maybe the Churches cancelling worship for football aren’t really all that concerned with being the body of Christ.  Perhaps they’re just more interested in pandering to society and ‘giving the people what they want’.

Churches that cancel worship for holidays, sporting events, or any other such nonsense have forgotten who, and what, they are.  And they’re feeding the foes of Christianity yet another plate full of  ‘see, their God isn’t all that important to them.  They’re happy enough to replace him with just about anything.  Anything at all really.  Any excuse to disavow worship will do.’

Tripadvisor? Maybe Not So Much

Claims by Tripadvisor.co.uk that its “Reviews you can trust” statement, alongside claims that the site carried “reviews from real travelers” and that it offered ‘trusted advice from real travellers’ was untrue, and banned the company from using similar claims in the future.

I’ve used Tripadvisor before and I have to say that when I have gone to  hotels which were ‘reviewed’ negatively by ‘real travelers’ on it I never have found it so.  And I’ve always figured the really good reviews were by hotel employees and the really bad ones by competitors.

A good life practice:  Make your own decisions.

(HT: Daniel Stoddart on G+)

More Junk Science

I ate these - ants in the Amazon 2003

ABC News reports

People who eat to please others are likely to regret it later — a dietary dilemma that could affect many Americans this Super Bowl Sunday.

Huh?  There are people who eat to please others?

People pleasers feel pressured to eat to comfort others around them who are indulging themselves, but a new study suggests the social snacking may not be worth it.

Eating to comfort others… that’s a new one.  But I get it.  My compulsive snacking is just a manifestation of my desire to please other people….  right.  It’s not my fault and so I don’t need to feel any sense of personal responsibility.  Thanks, science.  I feel great now.  It’s JUST NOT MY FAULT!

“If you sense that another person wants you to eat, you’ll be more likely to eat more,” said Julie Exline, a psychologist at Case Western Reserve University and lead author of the study published today in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology. “If we look back later and feel like we’ve given into social pressure, we often regret those choices.”

I’ve never sensed that another person wants me to eat since I was 7 and my mom scolded me for not eating all my peas.  Which I refused to eat and simply covered with a napkin.  Quite the contrary, I sense other people wishing me NOT to eat.

Oh science… you crack me up.

Claremont McKenna: Where Lying Happens

So much for the overhyped ‘Top College’ listing foolishness then.

Claremont McKenna College is under fire for exaggerating the collective SAT exam scores of incoming freshman classes for the last six years, boosting statistics used for national school rankings.

A senior official in the school’s admissions office has taken responsibility and resigned, according to an announcement Monday by the school president.

“As an institution of higher education with a deep and consistent commitment to the integrity of all our academic activities, and particularly our reporting of institutional data, we take this situation very seriously,” President Pamela B. Gann wrote in a memo distributed at the prestigious liberal arts college, which enrolls about 1,321 students.

The school, in Claremont, refused to identify the official who resigned.

If they lied about their student’s scores they probably lied about the ‘person’ responsible resigning too.  If there was in fact just one person anyway.  If the lying went on for 6 years it’s systemic, not individual.  Or are we to believe that administrators read the US News listing each year and thought ‘why that sure does sound right, doesn’t it?’ without raising an eyebrow or a question.  Or is it the sort of school where only one person knows what’s going on?

Cheating students, plagiarizing, lying administrators, dishonesty.  That’s what the whole ‘accreditation’ industry brings to life.  When you have to do anything but educate as an institution of higher learning, you lose the point.  This sort of debauchery didn’t happen in American Universities and Colleges before the 1960’s, when ‘accrediting’ became the passport to more and more money.

Claremont isn’t alone either.  I suspect that if one school is cheating, many more are- just as when one student in a school is cheating, many more are too.  Anything for a buck I suppose.  It’s the American way…