Serious Archaeology

It is no longer possible to do serious archaeology as an amateur.  Today archaeologists must be full time professionals.  Stated somewhat simply, the time that one could do archaeology in the Middle East with the Bible in one hand and the trowel in the other definitely belongs to the past.  — Hans M. Barstad

Readers of BAR should take that to heart, and so should some of the archaeologists working at the ‘City of David’ site.

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2 thoughts on “Serious Archaeology

  1. arenmaeir 31 Jan 2012 at 11:21 pm

    Only problem is – Barstad is NOT an archaeologist – so how can we trust his opinion on this? In fact, this is an opinion of an amateur – and biblical scholar/ancient historian who is interested in archaeology!


    • Jim 1 Feb 2012 at 4:06 am

      a biblical scholar who tells you that archaeology should be practiced by professionals is the same as your general practitioner referring you to a heart specialist if you have issues with your heart. if you dont want to listen to your GP that’s fine. but you risk your life.


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