Newt Is a Hypocrite of Immense Proportions

He is to politicians what Ted Haggard is to mega-Church pastors- a massive hypocrite.

Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich says college students are being coddled, but his own educational record doesn’t exactly elicit images of a person who had to struggle to make ends meet while earning a degree. … But as the Post notes, Gingrich himself took a different path during college, according to a 1995 Vanity Fair article. According to the report, Gingrich leaned on family members for money and said he didn’t want to get a job while in school. Gingrich’s college experience also included a stint as a history professor at West Georgia College. The Wall Street Journal reports that while working at Georgia College, Gingrich was “often absent as he pursued political goals” and that he “spent little time teaching history.”

So he was a mooch, an unemployed git, and now he’s morphed into a hypocrite. He’s the ideal politician. He’s the model elected official.

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