Mit brennender Sorge…

Andrew Brown of the Guardian rightly says

The archbishop of York must understand we are not facing a ‘dictatorship’ on gay marriage but a change in popular morality.

Like it or not, we have to realize that popular morality has shifted and most of the people in our (Western) society now see moral issues not from the point of view of Orthodox Christianity but rather from the perspective of Secular Humanism.  Society has been de-Christianized to such an extent that morals from a Christian perspective are now ‘odd man out’ and morals (as if they could be called such)  from the perspective of evolutionary secular humanism are now ‘the in crowd’.

To put it bluntly- Christianity has lost the culture war. And as a Christian, I can only say that Mit brennender Sorge.  Nonetheless, I refuse to take my moral cues from a morally bankrupt ‘anything goes’ ‘if it feels good, do it’ culture.  Sorrow over the sorry state of society can’t lead to acquiescence or silence.

It may well happen that very few are willing to engage this ‘lost cause’ and those who do may seem as odd as the Japanese soldiers on isolated islands who continued to fight the Second World War long after it ended, but some of us can never surrender, and never will.

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