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Shameful Occupy Oakland

Saturday, in Oakland

More than 400 people were arrested on charges ranging from failure to disperse to vandalism, police spokesman Sgt. Jeff Thomason said. At least three officers and one protester were injured.

Vandalism huh?  So #occupy is just a front for thuggery is it.

On Sunday, Oakland officials vowed to be ready if Occupy protesters try to mount another large-scale demonstration. Protesters, meanwhile, decried Saturday’s police tactics as illegal and threatened to sue.  Mayor Jean Quan personally inspected damage caused by dozens of people who broke into City Hall. She said she wants a court order to keep Occupy protesters who have been arrested several times out of Oakland, which has been hit repeatedly by demonstrations that have cost the financially troubled city about $5 million.

So the city is in the hole and people concerned, ostensibly, for justice and equity are costing the honorable tax payers of the town millions so that said occupiers can vandalize city property?  If they really believed in justice they would repay the city for the evils they’ve enacted.

Occupy has never had my respect and the thuggish deeds done by its members simply reinforce my distaste for the ‘movement’ which, by the way, is NOTHING like the freedom movements of the Arab world.  NOTHING.


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Quote of the Day

The #SuperBowl is a perfect symbol for 2012 USA: a few men paid millions for making 100 yards of progress. – Andy Borowitz (twitter)

Public Lectures on Archaeology in Tel Aviv in 2012

From Oded Lipschits:

The Sonia and Marco Nadler Institute of Archaeology presents the program for the 2012 spring Semester lectures at the International Women’s Club Peoples of the Ancient Near East –

* 6.3.2012 – Prof. Jacob Klein – “The Mesopotamian King and His Mother”
* 13.3.2012 – Dr. Jonathan Ben-Dov – “Astronomy, Astrology and Calendars: From the Cuneiform Culture to Judea”
* 20.3.2012 – Dr. Josef Nagar – “Who Are We? – The Stories of the Populations of Israel”
* 27.3.2012 – Mr. Omer Sergi – “Aram and the Formation of Israel and Judah”
* 3.4.2012 – Prof. Oded Lipschits – “Judah under Babylonian Rule and the Birth of Judaism”
* 17.4.2012 – Dr. Dan’el Kahn – “The Black Pharaohs: Egypt’s 25th Dynasty”
* 24.4.2012 – Mrs. Shirly Ben-Dor Evian – “Continuity and Change in Ancient Egyptian History”
* 1.5.2012 – Prof. Oded Tamuz – “Disintegration from Above: A Case Study on the History of Southern Phoenicia and Philistia”
* 8.5.2012 – Prof. Jak Yakar – “Reconstructing the Social Frameworks of Farmers and Pastoralists in Neolithic Anatolian Society”
* 15.5.2012 – Mr. Ilan Peled – “The Hittites: A Fascinating and Unique Culture in the Ancient Near East”
* 22.5.2012 – Dr. Yoram Cohen – “How the World Was Created: The Babylonian Myth Enuma-Elish”
* 29.5.2012 – Prof. Jonathan Price – “Voices in Stone: Ancient History from Ancient Inscriptions”
* 5.6.2012 – Dr. Amir Golani – “Jewelry and the Jewelers’ craft during the Iron Age”
* 12.6.2012 – Dr. Erez Ben Yosef – “King Solomon’s Mines? New Research of Iron Age Copper Production in the Arabah Valley”
* 19.6.2012 – Ms. Keren Ras- “The ”Woman at the Window” in Iconography, Biblical Literature and Material Culture from Ramat Rahel”

Rick Santorum May Not Think An Education is Important…

But it is.  For so many reasons.

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Facebook, Your Banner Ads are Uber-Annoying

I noticed today that every time I open Facebook they’ve got the top slathered with annoying banner ads.  Facebook, just because you’re going public doesn’t mean you should torture us with ads we’re only used to finding when we visit other annoying commercial sites.

France: De-Baptism… And the Problem With Baptizing Non-Believers

If ever there were evidence needed to call into question the practice of infant baptism, it can be found in France. Today.

In France, an elderly man is fighting to make a formal break with the Catholic Church. He’s taken the church to court over its refusal to let him nullify his baptism, in a case that could have far-reaching effects.  Seventy-one-year-old Rene LeBouvier’s parents and his brother are buried in a churchyard in the tiny village of Fleury in northwest France. He himself was baptized in the Romanesque stone church and attended mass here as a boy.  LeBouvier says this rural area is still conservative and very Catholic, but nothing like it used to be. Back then, he says, you couldn’t even get credit at the bakery if you didn’t go to mass every Sunday.

If he hadn’t been baptized before he was able to decide for himself, he wouldn’t need to ask to have his baptism undone.  This is precisely why infant baptism is inappropriate.  Until a person desires it, it remains a meaningless exercise in futility.

Drunk Driving, Welcome Your Cousin, Drugged Driving

The federal government should help police departments nationwide obtain the tools and training needed to attack a rising scourge of driving under the influence, two U.S. senators said Sunday.

Sens. Charles Schumer of New York and Mark Pryor of Arkansas proposed that federal funding in a pending transportation funding bill be used for research and to train police. They said police have no equipment and few have training in identifying drugged drivers, who don’t show the same outward signs of intoxication as drunken drivers do, such as slurred speech.

Drugged driving… I’m sure it’s been going on for years but it’s one of those things you just never think about.  So now we have to worry about drunk drivers, texting drivers, distracted drivers, and drugged drivers.  Next up, doubtless, unconscious drivers.

Poor Angry Atheists

Apparently I’ve managed to make the angry atheists mad again so they’ve gone on a rampage (I’ll not provide the link). My response? I don’t care what they think. Period. I don’t care what they say or how they say it or where they say it. As far as I’m concerned, their views on God being distorted, inaccurate, pointless, and idiotic I should well imagine that their views of mere mortals are even more brainless.

So to those angry atheists insulting me- bring it. I’ll continue to care as little about it as the moon cares when a dog howls. Howl away atheist dogs. Howl away.

Who Believes Anything Iran Says?

The head of Iran’s state oil company said Sunday that the price of crude will reach $120 to $150 per barrel, as officials in Tehran prepare to discuss a ban on crude sales to European Union countries in retaliation for an EU embargo.

Now why would he say that? Hmmm…. Perhaps to scare the Europeans? Perhaps to push prices up on the ‘fear factor’ that greedy oil speculators so treasure? Or perhaps both?

But who believes anything Iran says? And why would anyone? But given the fact that the West is so enslaved to Middle Eastern oil it will probably work. If only our policy makers had some remnant of sense and had developed alternative energy sources thereby making Iranian (and Iraqi and Saudi) oil unnecessary back in the days of the oil embargo of the 1970’s. But alas. Our leaders are short sighted imbeciles. So you and I will pay the price, literally.