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ASOR’s Roundup of Archaeological News

The ASOR Blog has posted this week’s roundup of archaeological news. Check it out- and keep an eye on the ASOR Blog too. Good stuff (and reliable- not like the kinds of things you find in other ‘archaeology’ publications).

If You Thought You Had Heard The Worst Thing About Bankers…

Put your seatbelt on-  this guy makes the Banker crowd look like Mother Theresa. And of course, he’s Canadian:

[A]… banker in the U.K. … armed himself with a slew of weapons, including two crossbows and a rifle, and allegedly burned down his ex-girlfriend’s parents house, reports the Mirror. A Canadian citizen, 42-year-old Al Amin Dhalla allegedly began his four month terror campaign after Alison Hewitt, a 35-year old trainee doctor living in Brighton, ended their relationship in December of 2010, notes the Daily Mail. The pair met through a dating agency and, after a few months, the pair moved in together in Hewitt’s home. But Hewitt’s parents became suspicious of the man after he expressed wishes to quickly wed their daughter and later discovered a hidden criminal record, according to the Mirror.

What a creeper!

Dhalla became agitated when the parents confronted him. Since the breakup, Dhalla not only wrote threatening letters to Hewitt’s co-workers, but hired a 24-hour private investigator to watch her, reports the Daily Mail. Dhalla also allegedly tracked down Hewitt’s parents on vacation while armed with weapons. The final move that got him arrested? Posing as a doctor at Hewitt’s hospital in order to find out her schedule.

Oh Canada…

It’s A Shame Knoxville Elected Such an Ignorant Buffoon

But they did. One Stacey Campfield, who is without excuse when he suggests what he does in a recent radio interview.  He’s right when he says

“I’m not a historian on AIDS,” he said in an interview Friday.

Then don’t pretend to be.  Hold your views, represent your constituents, but don’t speak when you shouldn’t on medical topics- because when you do, you prove yourself to be a buffoon, a dilettante.  The fact that he continues

“But I’ve read and seen what other people have read and seen and those facts are out there.”

He proves he’s a dilettante.  Why is it that politicians think they’re qualified to be medical doctors or theologians or anything but what they are: pandering vote-hunters willing to toss red meat to their ravenous minions.  If you’re an expert in a field, have at.  If you aren’t, shut up.

On the origin of AIDS, Campfield told Signorile at one point, “It was one guy screwing a monkey, if I recall correctly, and then having sex with men It was an airline pilot, I believe, if I recall correctly.”

What. An. Idiot.  Has he read anything reliable?  Any real medical research?  And, to me most importantly, what about all the innocent little children and adults who have AIDS because of blood transfusions or women whose husbands are profligate Ted Haggard-ians and have brought HIV home?   Does he demonize them as well?

Good grief.  I just hate stupidity.  Especially when it spews from people who should know better than to spew it.

And Again- For Mozart

A brilliant little tune that never grows tiresome.

Again, Thank You, God, For Wolfgang (On his Birth Anniversary)

One of my favorite overtures-

The Woman Who Cried Rape

Christine Jordan falsely accused a man she shared a one-night stand with of raping her because he forgotten her name the next time they met. The 25-year-old was convicted of perverting the course of justice after she lied to police, claiming Kevin Percival, 26, had attacked her.  She wrongly told officers he had followed her home and forced his way into her flat demanding sex.  In reality the pair had consenting sex after drinking beers and vodka with friends in her flat, Cambridge Crown Court heard.  Nicola Devas, prosecuting, told the court Jordan invented the claim last January because the man could not remember her name when she saw him again in a pub.

And so she demeaned every true victim of the despicable crime of rape. Shame on her.  If she wishes to be remembered she may wish to, oh I don’t know, get to know the guy.  Go on dates.  Get engaged.  Get married.  And then become as intimate as two human beings can do.  Promiscuity is the fastest path to anonymity.

Blind Faith in Capitalism is, Well, Blind; and a Bit Idolatrous

It is our duty as Christian Theologians to say so.   I am continuously amazed at the Christians who are willing to worship at the altar of capitalism as though it were an invention of God.  Guess what, it isn’t.  Capitalism isn’t even in the Bible.

Capitalism is ok as a system but it isn’t divine and infallible.  Some of our politically motivated brothers and sisters in the faith need to be told that.  And since a picture (with a true caption) is worth 1000 words, here you go-

via F. Magdalene on FB

Robert Cargill’s Take on Rick (in)San(e)torum’s Anti Intellectual Blather

Right here. Bob nicely summarizes the issue so that even Santorum could understand it:

So just to clarify:

Public school: Liberal indoctrination
Home school: NOT indoctrination

Public High School: Liberal indoctrination
Christian High School: NOT indoctrination

Public or Ivy League university: Liberal indoctrination
Christian College: NOT indoctrination

R1 Research Graduate School: Liberal indoctrination
Evangelical Theological Seminary: NOT indoctrination

I shake my head.

Don’t we all…

Two Postdoctoral Fellowships at the University of Sheffield

If you’re looking for an opportunity to do a PostDoc- you will want to consider Sheffield.

The two post-doctoral fellows will work to develop their research beyond their doctoral studies, generating new publications and establishing the next stage of their career as researchers. Outreach and public engagement work will be encouraged, and, in line with the ethos of the Faculty, the fellows will also be encouraged to engage and work with new audiences, particularly in the local region. This is an opportunity both for the fellows to make significant career strides in a research-intensive environment and for the faculty to benefit from the vision, dynamism and enthusiasm the fellows will bring to the role.

Go to the link above for much more.

On The Anniversary of Mozart’s Birth

Happy Birth Anniversary, Wolfgang!  Thanks for all you gave us.  Especially this:

That’s Some Baby…

Good for the tike!

An encounter between a snake and a baby ended in a surprising outcome Thursday, when the infant’s mother walked into his room to find him chewing on the dead reptile.  The infant, Imad Gadir, whose family resides in Shfaram, was not hurt when he bit the unlucky coin snake, but was taken to Haifa’s Ramabam Medical Center, just in case.

And there you  have it.  Be warned, snakes, little baby Imad will chew you to death if you mess with him!  And just look at the expression on his face!  He wants another go at that thing…  He’s probably thinking ‘bring it, snake, just bring it!’  –   (HT Aren Maeir on FB).