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Jan Brewer is a Disgrace

And all of Arizona should be ashamed of her, and for their electorate for putting her in office.  She’s as wretched and disrespectful as Mr ‘You Lie’ from last year’s State of the Union address.  Who does she think she is, sticking her reprehensible finger in anyone’s face, much less the President’s?

I don’t care what her gripe is- her action was unacceptable.  The Secret Service should have seized her and shipped her off to Guantanamo Bay.  Regardless of who sits in the Oval Office, no one has the right to be disrespectful.  [Not to mention that she’s a racist, but that’s another story (even though it’s probably why she acted the way she did)].

Religion and Media is on the Twitter

The recently launched Religion and Media website has jumped in both feet and they’re on the twitter too.

Give ’em a follow.

#PeopleAgainstThePats – I’m With you, Beadle!

On the twitter-


Patriots…  Blah!

Signs (Or Better, Prayer Cards) of the Times

Alaska Airlines is discontinuing its practice of handing out prayer cards on its flights.  It seems that complaints outweigh appreciation (even though, it seems, as recent as 2004 expressions of appreciation outnumbered their opposite).

In an email to frequent fliers, the Times reports, Alaska Air Group CEO Bill Ayer and Alaska Airlines President Brad Tilden said the airline had been receiving a growing number of complaints from fliers who were offended. Just eight years ago, the airline said the number of thanks it got far exceeded the complaints.

Which just proves that people these days would complain if you gave them a million dollars because it wasn’t two million.  People.  So doofy.  I wonder if the airline will continue to be #1.

Britain and the ‘Liberal Bible’

Religion and the Media have posted an interesting piece today.  It can’t really be excerpted without disentangling the whole, so you’ll simply need to read it.

That Penguin Only Did What We All Want to Do to the ‘Halls of Power’

I applaud you, Ms Penguin.  You’ve delivered to but one state legislature what the States and the Federal Governments have been delivering to us for decades.

I don’t know about you, but I for one am sick and tired of these penguins befouling our nation’s halls of government. Seems like everytime you turn around, there’s another penguin pooping in a legislature…. The target yesterday was the Kentucky Senate, to which a penguin had been invited because the body was taking up Senate Resolution 92, honoring the Newport Aquarium for its contributions to the “aquatic world in general” and specifically “its stewardship of sea life and penguins.” The aquarium was represented by Paula, an African blackfooted penguin, who was in the chamber as Sen. Katie Stine presented the resolution. But Stine’s presentation was interrupted by Senate President David Williams, who noted that their guest had “just defecated on the floor.”

Paula- you’re my hero.  With thanks to Christian Brady on the twitter for the tip.

Konrad Schmid: Monotheism and the Priestly Texts

Konrad has uploaded one of his essays to Academia.edu.  You may want to read it if the subject of monotheism interests you.

Starbuck’s Is Free to Do As It Wishes, and So Am I- So Farewell, Starbucks

Redesigned logo used from 2011-present.

It’s still too soon to tell if Washington will become the seventh U.S. state to approve marriage equality, but having the support of the world’s largest coffeehouse chain is certainly a good sign. As numerous media outlets including Towleroad and Queerty are reporting, Starbucks has joined a growing list of major corporations to publicly endorse same-sex marriage legislation in the state.

Do what you please- as will I. Goodbye, Starbucks. I enjoyed your coffee but I won’t support you anymore.  I’m sure you don’t care, but principle matters to me.

Logos was Vandalized? What Kind of Cretin Would Do That?

Watch the video of the newscast.  And be disgusted.

Hopefully they’ll find the guy and in a just punishment hurl a cinder-block at his head. Well ok, maybe just at his car. Or his bicycle. Or maybe his head… I haven’t decided yet.

If You Can’t Win the Election, Just Let Your SuperPac and Rich Friends Buy it For You

And you can aspire to be like Newt.

Before Newt Gingrich dominated the South Carolina primary, a so-called super PAC supporting him spent millions of dollars savaging Mitt Romney in negative ads and fliers.

A driving force behind that super PAC is Sheldon Adelson, a Las Vegas casino tycoon who has translated his deep friendship with Gingrich into a financial bonanza to buoy his candidacy. Adelson gave the PAC, Winning Our Future, $5 million just before the South Carolina primary, and this week, his wife gave the group another $5 million.

The Adelsons make Mitt Romney look like Tom Joad. Adelson, the eighth-richest American, is worth more than $20 billion. He built the iconic Venetian hotel (and another in Macao to match) and has given to a host of Jewish causes — in addition to funding a nonprofit group that led to Gingrich’s presidential run.

American voters don’t choose their Presidents anymore, filthy rich folk buy them (by whatever means necessary- just ask George Bush and Al Gore about the 2000 Presidential election).

Anyone can run for office.  But only those supported by the super wealthy can win.  But of course that’s the way things are in America.  The world’s greatest ‘democracy’…

Newt.  What a fitting name for a slimy reptile.

‘Sixteenth Century Society’ Annual Meeting Call For Papers

The Sixteenth Century Society and Conference (SCSC) is now accepting proposals for individual papers and complete panels for its annual conference, to be held October 25-28, 2012, at the at the National Historic Landmark hotel, the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza, an Art Deco gem that opened in 1931 and is a located in the heart of downtown, near Fountain Square. Dubbed the Queen City by Longfellow, and Porkopolis by others, and located on the banks of the Ohio River, Cincinnati was an important link on the Underground Railway. It has two art museums, the Cincinnati and Taft, both with 15th-17th c. artworks.

All the details are here.

Joel Watts: Singer ‘Extraordinaire’… As it Were…

A Petition Calling on Simcha Jacobovici to Drop His Suit Against Joe Zias

Please, if you’re so inclined, add your voice to those asking Mr Jacobovici to drop his suit against Joe Zias.  Here’s why Simcha’s being asked to do so:

1- Because suing persons with whom one disagrees over ideological matters and scholarly issues is inappropriate.

2- Because Joe Zias certainly isn’t the only person to object to Mr Jacobovici’s various ‘findings’ and thus shouldn’t be singled out in what for all appearances looks to be a simple vendetta.

3- And though we certainly understand that every person is free to travel legal avenues to redress wrongs, we feel that this suit simply harms the field of academic research and may stifle dissident voices to variant theories.

4- If successful, Mr. Jacobovici’s (who according to all accounts is a humorous and engaging person) action may inadvertently choke out dissident voices by means of monetary threatenings and academics simply cannot sit by and allow that chilling effect on scholarship to take place.

Signatories as of  12:16 p.m., Feb. 10th, 2012:

Jim West Petros TN 37845 United States
Oded Lipschits Tel Aviv 69978 Israel
Yuval Goren Tel Aviv 69978 Israel
Antonio Lombatti parma 43125 Italy
Emanuel Pfoh La Plata 1900 Argentina
Thomas L. Thompson Copenhagen Denmark
Travis Kolber Hod Hasharon 45201 Israel
David Willner Efrat 90435 Israel
Loren Crow Eugene OR 97401 United States
james m nordlund Fargo ND 58102 United States
Rochelle Altman Arad 89000 Israel
Carol Ann Bernheim Jerusalem 91080 Israel
Hani Davis Jerusalem 92302 Israel
Thomas Verenna Easton PA 18042 United States
Mark Goodacre Durham NC 27708-0964 United States
Niels Peter Lemche Copenhagen 1150 København Denmark
Shaul Porrat Jerusalem 9672 Israel
Oded Borowski Decatur GA 30033 United States
Robert Dietel Everett WA 98201 United States
Matthew Collins Lilburn GA 30047 United States
Nancy Ainsworth Shelburne VT 5482 United States
Claude Vigneau, Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada
Peter Wong Fanling Hong Kong
Zachary Wong Hong Kong L4c 8t1 Hong Kong
Yvonne Ip Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong
Ho Chit Lun / Hong Kong Hong Kong
Alan Chan Hong Kong Hong Kong
Zev Radovan Jerusalem 93108 Israel
Piers Mitchell Cambridge CB2 1QH United Kingdom
sam tsang NT Hong Kong
Murphy Yeung HONG KONG Hong Kong
Anderson Chan Kowloon Hong Kong
Victoria Wong hong kong Hong Kong
Ada Lui NT 852 Hong Kong
Kennie Kam Yen Yin Mansion Jordan Hk Hong Kong
Jack Kilmon Houston TX 77090 United States
Frances Oppenheimer Jerusalem 97277 Israel
Addi Baker Melle 49326 Germany
Carmen Yau Hong Kong 852 Hong Kong
Prof. Donald Ortner Washington DC 20013-7012 United States
Phillip Davies Sheffield S7 1HL United Kingdom
Koon Pong Lau HKSAR 852 China
Steven Cox Salt Lake City UT 84119 United States
Robert Brenchley Birmingham B16 8JQ
Ed Wright Tucson Arizona 85721
Frank Strazzulla Rockwell North Carolina 28138 United States
John Granger Cook LaGrange Georgia 30240 United States

Christianity Made me Kidnap Them…

I don’t think this guy has a very good grasp on matters of faith-

A 38-year-old German man who kidnapped his four children and took them to North Africa last year told a court Tuesday that his Christian beliefs drove him to the crime. He remains unrepentant.

Axel H. was arrested in September in Cairo, Egypt after having been on the run with his children – two boys and two girls aged between four and nine – since Easter.

After having lost custody of the children in divorce proceedings, Axel H. used a pretext for taking the children from their mother’s home in Celle, Lower Saxony, on Easter Monday and flew with them to Egypt. He spent some time in Sudan with them during their 136-day ordeal, before returning to Egypt.

According to a report in Bild newspaper, the man, who confessed before the trial began, told the court, “Because of my faith and the law, I feel I have duty to bring up the children.”

The unemployed careworker also told the judge that he fled to Egypt because it was near to Germany and he hoped he would escape extradition there, since Egypt has no agreement with Germany for returning kidnapped children.

Questioned about his motives, he said, “I believe that what is in the Bible is God’s word,” and that his wife’s divorce and new relationship was a breach of religious law. He said that he could not allow his children to grow up in her home.

Maybe he’s a fan of Mark Driscoll and he thinks women are idiots unworthy of raising children if they don’t have a man’s man around to do all the beating- oh I mean ‘discipline’ and to set a ‘godly’ (choke, choke) example…

Lectures at the University of Zurich: On Archaeology and Scripture

The Faculty of Theology of the University of Zurich will host the following lectures:

Fr, 2.3.2012, 18:15-20:00
Prof. Dr. Oded Lipschits (Tel Aviv University) – The History and Archaeology of Exilic and Post-Exilic Judah: A New Understanding

Mo, 12.3.2012, 18:15-20:00
Prof. Dr. Wiliam M. Schniedewind (University of California, Los Angeles) – Nascent Scripturalization in the Neo-Assyrian Period

Mi, 18.4.2012, 14.00-15.30
Prof. Dr. Dres. h.c. Jan Assmann (Konstanz / Heidelberg) – Recht und Schrift in der altorientalischen Welt

Fr, 4.5.2012, 16:00-18:00
Ido Koch / Omer Sergey (Tel Aviv University) – The Rise of Judah in the 9th century BCE from Archaeological, Historical and Biblical Perspectives

All lectures take place at Kirchgasse 9, CH-8001 Zurich, Switzerland.

Via Jack Sasson