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And the Verdict? Mark Driscoll Leads a Cult

Robert’s right.  Just a sampling- you need to read the entire post. You simply will not believe what is going on behind the scenes at Mars Hill. We’ve already seen Mark Driscoll discuss (watch about the 3 minute mark) how he builds … Continue reading

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Dentists…. There’s Something Amiss

Too creepy for words really- Paper clips and stainless steel posts: Basically the same thing, right? A former Massachusetts dentist has pleaded guilty to a host of charges, including the accusation that he used parts of paper clips rather than … Continue reading

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Jewish Cursing

There’s another good one at Bible & Interpretation I suggest that we need to address this evidence with immense caution, admitting that while it is abundantly clear that the birkat haminim eventually was, in its medieval forms, a curse of … Continue reading

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Are Vegetarians Heretics?

What a great question.  What a great essay! Modern vegetarians often refer to theological terminology such as “reverence for life” or “respecting creation” when defending their position. Ironically, in the Early Church the situation is exactly the other way around. … Continue reading

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Yes, Yes, I’m Afraid I, in Fact, Did

The folk over at the Logos Blog insist that there are 5 things about Calvin I didn’t know… 1. Calvin suffered. Nope- knew it. As everyone who has read Peter Opitz’s utterly brilliant biography does. 2. John Calvin and Ignatius … Continue reading

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Revenge: The Bitter Side of Life

Via Alastair Roberts on the twitter- Behold- the bitterness of revenge.

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‘We Condemn…’ : Words Not Heard Often Enough These Days

The 7th chapter of the Second Helvetic Confession states: We condemn all who ridicule or by subtle arguments cast doubt upon the immortality of the soul, or who say that the soul sleeps or is a part of God. In … Continue reading

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Dimwittery in a No Dimwittery Zone

From the NY Daily Post– If you don’t see the problem, you may be homeschooled!  [Just kidding- although, the homeschoolers I know do tend to lack a sense of humor and even knowing that the statement is a jest, will … Continue reading

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The Meaning of the Bible: What the Jewish Scriptures and the Christian Old Testament Can Teach Us

Amy-Jill Levine and Douglas Knight’s new book ‘The Meaning of the Bible‘ has been sent along (with thanks!). I’ve reviewed by chapter : 1. The History of Ancient Israel 2. The Literary Heritage of Ancient Israel 3. Land and Settlement … Continue reading

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Post Doctoral Appointments at Tel Aviv University

Via Oded Lipschits, to whom all inquiries should be directed. Two Post-Doc Positions at the Sonia and Marco Nadler Institute of Archaeology, Tel Aviv University, in fields of Archaeology, Ancient Israel Studies, and Ancient Near Eastern Cultures  The Sonia and … Continue reading

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The World’s Most Awesome Babysitter!

Watch the YouTube here.  Brilliant!  I’d most certainly have let her watch ours and I’m sure you’d let her watch yours too!

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Religion and the Media: A New Project

The always on the cusp folk at Sheffield have launched a new project titled Religion and the Media. This blog is part of the Centre for Freedom of the Media (University of Sheffield) which reflects a developing research collaboration between Jackie Harrison and James Crossley. … Continue reading

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How Much Are You Willing To Pay to Read Secularists Vaunt Secularism?

Me?  Nothing.  But you may be different.  You may be happy to fork over $36 to read one article in the Journal of Contemporary Religion titled Interdisciplinary Studies of Non-religion and Secularity: The State of the Union. If you do, … Continue reading

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Frankly I Don’t Care What Mitt Paid, or Newt

I do, though, have a tax plan that’s fair.  Here it is: Every American wage earner, dividend recipient, etc. who receives money from pay or investments of any and all kinds ought to be taxed a flat 9%. The tax … Continue reading

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You’d Have to be Insane to Pay to be Published In a ‘Peer-Reviewed’ Publication

I’m sure many of you have gotten the same email from SAGE- Get published! Submit your manuscript to SAGE Open—an open-access publication. Open access huh? Then why does it cost folk $395? Publish in SAGE Open, SAGE’s groundbreaking, open-access publication … Continue reading

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