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More Teacher Misconduct: It’s His Third Arrest


A former Alcoa High School coach accused of inappropriate relations with a student has been arrested for a third time. Former teacher and softball coach Paul Talley was arrested on January 21 after investigators say he showed up at the workplace of one of his former players. Talley was also arrested on January 11 for violating an order of protection for one of the players. He was first arrested in December on sex charges involving female players.

Prison is the cure and the protective measure necessary.

Shocking Footage: Chris Tilling’s Faculty Interview!

To improve his chances, Chris dressed as a lady.  Watch what happened!

Oh Isn’t That Nice! The Tea People Want us to See Slavery in a Cheerier Light…

I never knew the Ter-ers were such an optimistic, happy, shiny people group!  But they are!  They’re so happy and shiny and optimistic that they think it’s high time that we white folk have a better opinion of the institution of slavery…

A little more than a year after a conservative school board in Texas approved massive changes to its school textbooks to put slavery in a more positive light, a group of Tea Party activists in Tennessee has renewed its push to whitewash school textbooks. The group is seeking to remove references to slavery and mentions of the country’s founders being slave owners.

See! Slavery wasn’t all that bad!  The Founders didn’t even know what they were!  All but Jefferson who liked his women like he liked his coffee… black and in chains.

[There’s something seriously wrong with those people.  Seriously, mentally, wrong].

Title Max Might Want to Reconsider that Title…

Taken today in Knoxville and posted on WATE 6’s facebook page…  I find it ironic…

Francesca Gets Imbecilic Dilettantes Writing Her Too!

Here’s a gem she’s shared on the facebook-

Dear Professor Francesca Stavrakopoulou,

I saw you on youtube and you hold yourself to be an expert on the Holy Bible.I suspect you know little of it.

I could show you things they never taught you but I suspect like most you will be too arrogant to listen.I apologise if i am incorrect but I have noticed all so called experts know very little about the Holy Bible and refuse to even listen to anyone who may.  Even when they listen they dismiss it. EG Zechariah describes a nuclear weapon.Daniel also does.

There are encoded dates in it and those dates are now.The end is close and the signs given in that Holy Book are happening now.However most will perish as a result of pride.If you would like to discuss it I believe you can learn if you are prepared to open your mind.

Idiot.  There’s so much wrong here that I’ll just let it all seep into your conciousness as one big blob of profound stupidity and hand along the award this drivel deserves.  Here, sycophant of dimwittery, is your Award:

Treasure it.  It’s the only award you’ll ever receive.

Reflections On

Refection is to purposeful living what a rear-view mirror is to driving. If you’re always looking backwards you can’t move forward (safely).

A Letter From Home to Zwingli, the University Student

On 23 January of 1513 Zwingli’s brother Jacob sent him a letter at the University of Vienna where Huldrych was a student.  It’s filled with the typical sort of stuff one brother would write to another- if those brothers lived in the 16th century.  Especially if one brother (Huldrych) wasn’t a very faithful correspondent!

Write more letters home!  Your family worries about you!!!  And pay no mind to the unpolished nature of the present letter….

Here’s the opening-

Huldricho Zvingli, viro philosopho, Glareanorum rectori, frater Iacobus Zuingli S. D. P. Utinam Deus omnitenens superbonusque ita ferret, ut, quanti ego tuam facio liberalitatem fraternitatemque, tanti tu meum studium facere possis! Quod quidem non despero; abs te enim quom exemplis adhortacionibus que (quibus locum non relinquere degenerantis esset) augeri possum, tum a magistro Ioachimo, cuius nunc alumnum ago, omnium scienciarum flosculis rivulisque enutrior, a quibus philosophie inscitis discedere nephas esset.

Meth Burns

Meth, the modern Black Death, knows a number of ways to destroy.  Explosions are just one of them.

 A crude new method of making methamphetamine poses a risk even to Americans who never get anywhere near the drug: It is filling hospitals with thousands of uninsured burn patients requiring millions of dollars in advanced treatment – a burden so costly that it’s contributing to the closure of some burn units.

Meth is damaging more than its users.  Meth is destroying entire communities – and more.

It’s Joel Watt’s Birthday, So He’s Trying for his Driver’s License, Again…

Unfortunately he’s not been very successful before so maybe he can manage it this time…

An unlucky learner driver has managed to fail his theory test 92 times.

The 28 56 year-old man from Leicester West Virginia has spent £ $2,852 on theory test fees alone, and until he passes the written exam, cannot take the practical test. The hour-long test includes multiple-choice questions about road rules, plus a hazard-perception test where participants have to spot developing road dangers on a driving video. The information was released by the Driving Standards Agency following a Freedom of Information request.

Pray for Joel today.  It may be the day he finally passes his test and then his lovely wife will be free of driving him to ballet practice!