On South Carolina: An Observation

It looks like the ‘Christians’ of South Carolina don’t really care if their candidate is immoral.  Oddly, they felt differently about Clinton.  This can only mean one thing:  it’s ok for Republicans to be reprobates, but not Democrats.

Oh, and it means one other thing too: voters are willing to set their ethics aside if it means that their choice can ‘win’ an election.

Thank you, South Carolina.  You’ve taught the world a valuable lesson about the boundaries of faith and its implementation in real life, about real decisions.

5 thoughts on “On South Carolina: An Observation

  1. Jim, Jim, Jim, you’re a democrat, no matter who wins you were gonna whine. It’s in your genes. That’s what you people do.


    • jordie jordie jordie- you’re an idiot. i belong to neither party. perhaps you should refrain from being an ass-umer


  2. Gingrich managed to make it seem like he was picked up by the press — because apparently we want a President who’s a crybaby — and by appealing to racist language.

    SC is showing itself to be pretty depraved.


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  4. I’m in the UK.. Do I undersatand this correctly that, despite their calls for a return to “conservative family values”, the predominantly white evangelical republicans of South Carolina prefer 3 times married and twice divorced racist adulterer Newt Gringrich to Mormon family man Mitt Romney ? Was it Mitt Romney’s Mormonism rather than his tax evasion that bothered them most.?


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