Aww, Ed Young’s Self Aggrandizing Publicity Stunt Ended With an Injury…

God’s justice in play?

Ed Young, founding pastor of Texas-based Fellowship Church, suffered a minor eye injury from exposure to the sun during the 24-hour bed-in with his wife, Lisa, on the church’s roof to discuss truths about sex before a live Internet audience.

‘Founding pastor’? Figures, I’m pretty sure that the foundation of the Church is Christ. That Eddie portrays himself as the founding pastor is fitting since it is – in fact – ‘his’ ‘church’. And his little publicity stunt ending because the sun bothered his eye? Also fitting, and parabolic really. Since he prefers the darkness to the light it’s only to be expected that any light at all prove blinding.

His is a case proving that ‘the blind lead the blind’.

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