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Joel Watts Made Me Laugh

Here.  Because I know he’s being sarcastic.  And I confess, I do enjoy the sarcasm.  The more subtle, the better.  [I had to look up the ‘Tom Finland’ reference…  which makes Joel’s post even more … interesting… yeah that’s it.]

Endorsements by Clergy Are Meaningless (And Evil)

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum touted an 11th-hour endorsement from conservative Christian leaders on Sunday ahead of South Carolina’s crucial nominating contest but it appeared to have little influence on churchgoers. With South Carolina’s January 21 primary approaching, time is running short for Santorum and other Republican candidates who hope to slow front-runner Mitt Romney’s march to the Republican presidential nomination. Santorum said Saturday’s endorsement by evangelical leaders proved that he is a better choice to take on Democratic President Barack Obama. “They know I’m the consistent conservative,” Santorum said on “Fox News Sunday.” “They saw me as someone who has the best chance of winning.”


“I make decisions for myself and I don’t listen to what a bunch of leaders say to do,” said Victoria Jaworowski, who was attending the Cathedral of Praise mega-church in North Charleston. The Christian leaders meeting in Texas only endorsed Santorum narrowly in a vote that went to the third ballot. It is not clear how they will help the former Pennsylvania senator in terms of money or staff to help him campaign.

As I’ve said before, Pastors have no business at all endorsing politicians or lending their support to political systems. Their task is to stand as a prophetic voice outside of political structures, demanding righteousness and justice of officials. Hooking up with politicians is the last thing they should do. And the worst thing they can do.  At least the folk in the pews understand that.  It’s too bad Pastors don’t.  But I suppose they like the stench of power and imagine themselves to be ‘important’ if they are near it.

The Gay Cleric Who Demands to be A Bishop or He’ll Sue

Of course.  It had to, of necessity, come to this.

A controversial gay dean has threatened to take the Church of  England to court after he was blocked from becoming a bishop.  The Very Rev Jeffrey John, Dean of St Albans, has instructed an eminent employment lawyer to complain to Church officials after being rejected for the role of Bishop of Southwark.  Sources say the dean, one of the most contentious figures in the Church, believes he could sue officials under the Equality Act 2010, which bans discrimination on the grounds of sexuality. Such a case could create a damaging new rift within the CoE.

The Church did it to itself when it legitimized the illegitimate in the first place.  It’s just reaping, and will continue to reap, what it has sown.  Furthermore, this pillock hasn’t bothered to read Paul’s letter to the Corinthians- (chapter 6)

7 ἤδη μὲν οὖν ὅλως ἥττημα ὑμῖν ἐστιν ὅτι κρίματα ἔχετε μεθ᾽ ἑαυτῶν· διὰ τί οὐχὶ μᾶλλον ἀδικεῖσθε; διὰ τί οὐχὶ μᾶλλον ἀποστερεῖσθε;

He might want to, by the way, go ahead and read a little further on as well (and the C of E might want to too) –

8 ἀλλὰ ὑμεῖς ἀδικεῖτε καὶ ἀποστερεῖτε, καὶ τοῦτο ἀδελφούς. 9 Ἢ οὐκ οἴδατε ὅτι ἄδικοι θεοῦ βασιλείαν οὐ κληρονομήσουσιν; μὴ πλανᾶσθε· οὔτε πόρνοι οὔτε εἰδωλολάτραι οὔτε μοιχοὶ οὔτε μαλακοὶ οὔτε ἀρσενοκοῖται 10 οὔτε κλέπται οὔτε πλεονέκται, οὐ μέθυσοι, οὐ λοίδοροι, οὐχ ἅρπαγες βασιλείαν θεοῦ κληρονομήσουσιν. 11 καὶ ταῦτά τινες ἦτε· ἀλλὰ ἀπελούσασθε, ἀλλὰ ἡγιάσθητε, ἀλλὰ ἐδικαιώθητε ἐν τῷ ὀνόματι τοῦ κυρίου Ἰησοῦ καὶ ἐν τῷ πνεύματι τοῦ θεοῦ ἡμῶν.

[His title, ‘the Very Reverend’, is itself a mockery. One cannot remain what one was, whatever that may happen to be, in disobedience, and expect to inherit the kingdom of God].

Christianbook.com, You Disappoint Me

Of course you’re in business to make money, who isn’t.  But some things should never be sold- such as the Driscoll Dreck you’re presently pushing:

I’m a realist and I understand that you have quite a wide audience, but seriously, Driscoll’s Dreck isn’t fit either for printing or publishing or producing or selling.  It is bereft of theological truth and serves neither the cause of Christ nor the Church of Christ.  It is unfaithful to the biblical witness and its purpose pure and simply is to stir controversy and get its absurdly ignorant authors publicity.

I just wanted to register my dismay that you would, apparently, put profit over truth.   We expect that of Amazon.com.  But when you do it it’s as much of a shock to the system as if Hendrickson or Eerdmans or Baker had done it.  That is all.

Prostitution Is Prostitution Whether it’s Called that or Being a ‘Sugar-baby’

So if a student wants to earn tuition money by becoming a ‘sugar baby‘ she’s still prostituting herself.  The purpose to which the money is put makes not one shred of difference.  Even if her cause was the noble feeding of the hungry.

Just one semester shy of her bachelor’s degree, Christine left school. But so far waiting tables wasn’t allowing her to save up and finish her degree. So Morris was trying something different. She was having dinner with a man she met on a website called SeekingArrangement.com. It is one of several “sugar daddy” sites, where men can hook up with potential “sugar babies,” younger women who want to be supported financially in exchange for their companionship. And she’s not alone. The site says its fastest-growing population of sugar babies is college students. Some speculate it’s a direct result of skyrocketing tuition costs and student debt.

What’s it all mean?  It means that girls (and guys I suppose) are willing to demean themselves for money.  The love of money is the root of all evil.  And the mother of all indecency.

Because That’s How I Roll When I’m Pulpiting…

Tim Tebow, Don’t Be Sad. It Takes Heart to Win, and Good Aim…

Paterno Didn’t Know What To Do? Really?

I find it incomprehensible that Paterno didn’t know what to do when child molestation was reported to him.

Paterno said he “didn’t know which way to go” after an assistant coach came to him in 2002 saying he had seen retired defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky sexually abusing a boy.  “I think we got to wait and see what happens,” Paterno said in an interview posted Saturday on the newspaper’s website. “The courts are taking care of it, the legal system is taking care of it.”

I know what to do if someone tells me a child is being abused.  You know what to do too.  Pick up phone.  Dial 911.  Report abuse.  Let the police investigate.

How does a person live over 70 years and not know that?  He didn’t report it either because he didn’t believe it or because he was so used to just telling other people to take care of things that he had forgotten how.  He was disengaged.  No one should be that disengaged.  No one.

Today is ‘Sanctity of Life Day’

So, many Churches across the SBC will be thinking about the value of human life and the holocaust called abortion.

In America – on average – there are 1,210,000 abortions performed annually.  That means that in less than a decade more people are killed than perished in the Holocaust.  It also means that in just a few years we kill more children than have been killed in every war we have ever fought, combined.

Personally I find abortion on demand a damnable disgusting dreadful terror.  Women who don’t wish to be mothers because their careers matter more simply should either abstain from sexual congress or use protection in multiple layers.  Women who wish to remain childless are perfectly within their rights to do so.  God bless them.  What they may not do, however, is snuff out the life they have allowed to occur simply because they wish to deem themselves more important.

I find it, finally, completely ironic that those who defend most loudly the murder of children are the very people least likely to support capital punishment when grown adults have cruelly murdered others.  For them, killing a child is ok but putting to death a killer is a wickedness.

There are cases when abortion may be permissible.  Two, in fact.  1) when the life of the mother is in danger.  And 2) in the cases of rape or incest.  But even those decisions ought not to be lightly considered.  Mom and God have to have a heart to heart and then mom has to be at peace with her choice.

Abortion on demand should be illegal.  (And I know most of you won’t like that, but that’s just too bad).  Tossing out a life just for the sake of your own selfishness is barbarism.  It really is an indicator of truly depraved humanity.  And the Church shouldn’t stand by silently while it happens.