TM Law on the Chronicler’s Take on Solomon

It’s a fine post TM puts together on the Chronicler’s extreme makeover of Solomon.

There is no hint of the fraternal conflict that we read about in Kings, no court intrigue involving Bathsheba and Nathan, just that Solomon came to the throne unopposed, and quickly earned the acclaim of everyone in the kingdom. Instead of the unflattering instructions for revenge David gave to Solomon on his deathbed (1 Kings 2:1-9), we go straight into the directions for building the Temple. So the first part of the Solomon story that was told in 1 Kings 1-2 is lopped off. But there’s more sawing to be done. If it was easy to omit the first part to save David, it was just as easy to omit the ending to save Solomon. There, in 1 Kings 11, we have the brief but tragic demise of Solomon, which a later Jewish writer by the name of Ben Sira will exploit. But the Chronicler wanted nothing to do with it. All in between we find other modifications to the account in Kings so that Solomon appears in a much more glorious light.

Loads more which you’ll enjoy.

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