Snow Lovers, Have I Got a Suggestion for You!

Go, right away, to Cordova, Alaska.  They’ve had 18 feet of the Devil’s Dandruff and they can’t dig out fast enough.  Go there if you really love the wicked stuff!

Cordova residents didn’t see much of a break in Monday’s winter weather on Tuesday, waking up to blustery wind and falling snow — with rain right around the corner.  Around town visibility was extremely low, with falling snow and snow blowing off of rooftops. The weather has made it too dangerous for members of the Alaska National Guard to continue shoveling rooftops, so instead they’re working on ground projects like removing snow from fire hydrants and digging people’s homes out.

Go.  Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Snow Lovers, Have I Got a Suggestion for You!

  1. Such a place would be the perfect locale for an annual gathering of the AAA (Angry Atheists of America). They would have an environment befitting their own misery and woe!


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