Poor Mark Driscoll- He Just Can’t Stop Being an Ignoramus

Joel notes

 Mark noted the robes wore by Church leaders in Britain (vestments too, but I suspect that he doesn’t know the difference) wore dresses like girls, and that this was an issue of why the Church in England is failing. Oddly, the so-called neo-Calvinist pastor doesn’t understand his own faith tradition…  Odd? I’m sorry, I meant “As usual.”

Then Joel quotes the dullard.  A thing I refuse to do.  I’ve decided that Driscoll either says moronic things because he is genuinely moronic, or because he’s a bigger publicity whore than Casey Anthony.  Either way, he’s not fit to occupy a pulpit and the people at his ‘church’ don’t deserve to be called Christians as long as they tolerate his evil.

Acceptance of evil is participation in evil.  Mars Hill needs to learn that.

5 thoughts on “Poor Mark Driscoll- He Just Can’t Stop Being an Ignoramus

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  3. wken

    Didn’t Jesus wear robes kind of like that?

    People whose thought process can’t handle anything but modern American norms bother me to no end.


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