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Tim Tebow Just Won Me Over

Here’s why:

The Tim Tebow Foundation will raise enough money to meet its $2.5 million annual budget by March or April — several months ahead of its June 30 fiscal year’s end, foundation president Erik Dellenback said.

Well, that’s not it exactly, since lots of jocks have foundations.  Here it is:

Tebow pays staff salaries and administration costs out of his own pocket, leaving 100 percent of fundraising to support the foundation’s outreach, Dellenback said. The foundation’s initiatives include teaming up with CURE International on building a hospital named after Tebow in the Philippines, football-themed playrooms in oncology centers, orphan relief, and granting wishes for the terminally ill.

I find that just simply utterly Christian.  Sure, he’s not the best passing QB in the NFL, but I challenge you to show me someone with more generosity and compassion.  I can tolerate his on the field antics (even though I still know that God doesn’t care who wins a ballgame) knowing that he’s doing something with his life beyond ball.

I applaud you Mr Tebow, and I tip my hat to you.

Two of the Despicable Urinating Marines have been Identified

So the tape is in fact legitimate.  I’m disgusted.

Two of the four Marines shown in a video urinating on dead bodies sprawled out on the ground have been identified by the Marine Corps, a Marine Corps official told CNN Thursday.

The names are not being made public, said the official, who did not want to be identified because the investigation is ongoing.

The identities were determined as officials in the United States and Afghanistan expressed shock and outrage regarding the video, which was posted Wednesday to a number of websites.

“I have seen the footage, and I find the behavior depicted in it utterly deplorable,” U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said in a statement. “I condemn it in the strongest possible terms.”

Panetta said he has ordered the Marine Corps and International Security Assistance Force Commander Gen. John Allen “to immediately and fully investigate the incident.”

“This conduct is entirely inappropriate for members of the United States military and does not reflect the standards of values our armed forces are sworn to uphold,” Panetta’s statement said. “Those found to have engaged in such conduct will be held accountable to the fullest extent.”

They should be dishonorably discharged and surely some crime against a corpse is applicable.  They need to go to prison.  Not only have they done something inhuman and disdainful, they’ve disgraced our country and their uniforms.

Nothing Worse Could Happen to a Young Person

Not that I can imagine anyway.

Tragedy struck Ormond Beach Middle School Wednesday when 18-year-old Mckensie Malecki lost control of her truck and accidentally killed her brother, 12-year-old Cameron Brenneman, while he was waiting to be picked up from the Florida school, WFTV reports. Brenneman was waiting in the school cul-de-sac with around 30 of his peers when his sister’s truck crashed into him as other students watched in horror. “She got out of the truck and she went and grabbed Cameron and picked him up,” Nick Gugger, one of Brenneman’s classmates, told the station. “I cried for maybe an hour … I don’t think I’ll ever forget that.” Grief counselors will be at the Florida middle school to help students cope with the loss.

This girl, and her family, are going right on my prayer list. God alone can help them.

John Piper Hates the Prosperity ‘Gospel’

And says so.  And he’s angry about it. Good for him.


Poor Mark Driscoll- He Just Can’t Stop Being an Ignoramus

Joel notes

 Mark noted the robes wore by Church leaders in Britain (vestments too, but I suspect that he doesn’t know the difference) wore dresses like girls, and that this was an issue of why the Church in England is failing. Oddly, the so-called neo-Calvinist pastor doesn’t understand his own faith tradition…  Odd? I’m sorry, I meant “As usual.”

Then Joel quotes the dullard.  A thing I refuse to do.  I’ve decided that Driscoll either says moronic things because he is genuinely moronic, or because he’s a bigger publicity whore than Casey Anthony.  Either way, he’s not fit to occupy a pulpit and the people at his ‘church’ don’t deserve to be called Christians as long as they tolerate his evil.

Acceptance of evil is participation in evil.  Mars Hill needs to learn that.

Coincidence? Or Providential Message?

Two tweets right together might be coincidence.  Or, in this case, they might be more than that…  they might be a message!  George Stephanapoulos, take note!  God may be sending you a warning!

The Best Cat Video EVER!

New for the iPhone and iPad: The German Bible Society’s ‘BasisBibel’ App

Das Neue Testament der BasisBibel gibt es jetzt als App für iPhone und iPad. Die Applikation bietet neben dem Bibeltext, Sach- und Worterläuterungen, Landkarten, Fotos von Originalschauplätzen im Heiligen Land und Abbildungen von antiken Gegenständen. Die BasisBibel erscheint bei der Deutschen Bibelgesellschaft (DBG) und ist die erste crossmediale Bibelübersetzung, die das durch Computer und Internet veränderte Medienverhalten berücksichtigt.

It’s not free though.  The app will run you $18.95.

The Winner of This Week’s Copy of the Common English Bible Is…

Jeremy O’Clair!  Congrats to Jeremy and to the several who entered I say, try again this week!  There are only two more chances so your opportunities are running out.

The Common English Bible is not simply a revision or update of an existing translation. It is a bold new translation designed to meet the needs of Christians as they work to build a strong and meaningful relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

A key goal of the translation team was to make the Bible accessible to a broad range of people; it’s written at a comfortable level for over half of all English readers. As the translators did their work, reading specialists working with seventy-seven reading groups from more than a dozen denominations review the texts to ensure a smooth and natural reading experience. Easy readability can enhance church worship and participation, and personal Bible study. It also encourages children and youth to discover the Bible for themselves, perhaps for the very first time.

Again, enter to win a copy for yourself or someone you know.  Winners are announced each Thursday.

It Might Be Common Here, But In Switzerland It’s Hugely Uncommon!

A 13-year-old girl in a village in Bern canton is expecting to give birth this April to a child fathered by her 14-year-old schoolmate.  News of the teenager’s pregnancy has spread like wildfire in Hindelbank, a village of 2,000 people, and has become the main topic of conversation at the local secondary school, newspaper 20 Minuten reports.

The 13-year-old girl was not known to be expecting a child until she was five months into her pregnancy, reported newspaper 20 Minuten.  “An abortion was out of question at that time,” a close friend of hers told the newspaper. She also explained the father-to-be had taken the news well and that the young couple were still together.

So sad.  So absurd.  He took the news ‘well’?  He’s 14.  He doesn’t have any idea of what being a parent is.  Oversexualized children having children.  Tragic.

TM Law on the Chronicler’s Take on Solomon

It’s a fine post TM puts together on the Chronicler’s extreme makeover of Solomon.

There is no hint of the fraternal conflict that we read about in Kings, no court intrigue involving Bathsheba and Nathan, just that Solomon came to the throne unopposed, and quickly earned the acclaim of everyone in the kingdom. Instead of the unflattering instructions for revenge David gave to Solomon on his deathbed (1 Kings 2:1-9), we go straight into the directions for building the Temple. So the first part of the Solomon story that was told in 1 Kings 1-2 is lopped off. But there’s more sawing to be done. If it was easy to omit the first part to save David, it was just as easy to omit the ending to save Solomon. There, in 1 Kings 11, we have the brief but tragic demise of Solomon, which a later Jewish writer by the name of Ben Sira will exploit. But the Chronicler wanted nothing to do with it. All in between we find other modifications to the account in Kings so that Solomon appears in a much more glorious light.

Loads more which you’ll enjoy.

Snow Lovers, Have I Got a Suggestion for You!

Go, right away, to Cordova, Alaska.  They’ve had 18 feet of the Devil’s Dandruff and they can’t dig out fast enough.  Go there if you really love the wicked stuff!

Cordova residents didn’t see much of a break in Monday’s winter weather on Tuesday, waking up to blustery wind and falling snow — with rain right around the corner.  Around town visibility was extremely low, with falling snow and snow blowing off of rooftops. The weather has made it too dangerous for members of the Alaska National Guard to continue shoveling rooftops, so instead they’re working on ground projects like removing snow from fire hydrants and digging people’s homes out.

Go.  Enjoy.

Surely U.S. Marines Would Never do Such a Thing

The US military is investigating an online video purportedly showing Marines urinating on the corpses of Taliban fighters in Afghanistan, a spokesman said Wednesday, calling the behaviour “disgusting”.

Surely not.

The video shows what appears to be four servicemen, dressed in US military uniform, relieving themselves onto three bloodied bodies on the ground, apparently aware that they are being filmed.  “Have a great day, buddy,” one of them says. The Pentagon has not yet verified the video, but spokesman John Kirby told AFP: “Regardless of the circumstances or who is in the video, this is… egregious, disgusting behaviour, unacceptable for anyone in uniform.”

Surely not. We don’t act that way. Others may be barbaric but we don’t stoop to their level no matter what happens. Do we?