New in Bible and Interpretation: Regarding Magness and Talpiot

Kilty and Elliott remark

Jodi Magness has written an important work titled Stone and Dung, Oil and Spit: Jewish Daily Life in the Time of Jesus, which combines the study of texts and archaeology. It is a work that makes important contributions to understanding Jewish life during first-century Palestine. In this paper, we examine her comments, though brief they are, on the alleged Jesus family tomb at Talpiot and the James Ossuary.

And they argue their case very meticulously. Indeed, it’s the sort of essay that has to marinate in the mind before a response can be offered. Nevertheless, it’s worth observing that Oded Golan’s essay on the subject of the ossuary (it’s one of the sources which K and E cite) can’t be received without a more than generous dose of suspicion.

I’d be very keen to see what Jodi has to say in response to this piece. If she isn’t buried in work, I – for one – hope she will respond (and she’s the one who best can, since it’s her work that’s the focus of interest).

K. and E. conclude (I think brilliantly) –

We state plainly, biblical scholars must seek out argument and disputation based on the evidence at hand because the issue of Talpiot will not be settled by focusing on the behavior of Simcha Jacobovici.

This is true enough.  Evidence- good, solid evidence, outweighs personality.  At any rate, read the piece and see what you think.

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