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Some Greeks are so Bad Off They’re Giving up their Children…

That’s bad off.

Greece’s financial crisis has made some families so desperate they are giving up the most precious thing of all – their children. One morning a few weeks before Christmas a kindergarten teacher in Athens found a note about one of her four-year-old pupils. “I will not be coming to pick up Anna today because I cannot afford to look after her,” it read. “Please take good care of her. Sorry. Her mother.” In the last two months Father Antonios, a young Orthodox priest who runs a youth centre for the city’s poor, has found four children on his door step – including a baby just days old. Another charity was approached by a couple whose twin babies were in hospital being treated for malnutrition, because the mother herself was malnourished and unable to breastfeed. Cases like this are shocking a country where family ties are strong, and failure to look after children is socially unacceptable – they feel to Greeks like stories from the Third World, rather than their own capital city.

What a world. Meanwhile here in America what’s left of the #occupy movement (it’s deader than a stump isn’t it) is taking a winter break because it’s just too much trouble to protest injustice when the weather turns cold…

How Do You Empty a Baptist Church in Alaska?

Not with fried chicken it seems but with…  gross… bear spray

Authorities in Alaska say a church congregation in Anchorage evacuated Sunday morning services because of a carbon monoxide scare that turned out to be bear spray someone shot off in the basement.  KTUU reports 200 people fled Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church due to the strange smell and irritated throats.  Firefighters ventilated the church with fans. Anchorage police are investigating.


Vindictive Vandalism in Beth Shemesh!

The Israel Antiquities Authority reports

במהלך פעילות מבצעית של מפקחי היחידה למניעת שוד עתיקות ברשות העתיקות, נלכדה בסוף השבוע חוליית שודדי עתיקות באתר העתיקות באר לימון סמוך למושב ישעי שבאזור בית שמש.

Read the remainder of the sorry news here. Antiquities thieves… the lowest of the low.

UPDATE:  The story now has appeared in English.

Two antiques thieves were apprehended at a Beit Shemesh-adjacent archeological dig where they managed to destroy ancient artifacts in their search for gold.  The robbers, both Bedouin residents of Dimona, brought digging equipment to the Be’er Limon site late last week, and proceeded to operate there for several nights. On Thursday, in the pouring rain, the pair smashed the walls of a 2,000-year-old well located under a structure from the Israel Antiquities Authority deemed as “irreversible damage.”

A Satisfied Common English Bible Reader

Laine Clayton emails-

Thanks for recommending the CEB…I finally tried it and I LOVE IT!

Laine is a sweet person and what I guess you’d call the ‘average Bible reader’. She’s just the sort of person the CEB had in mind, I think, when they did their work. Her’s is the very sort of endorsement that the publishers of the CEB should value most. My opinion and the views of other professional biblical exegetes are skewed by years of intense and meticulous work and our perspective isn’t the same as the folk who read the bible a chapter a day or a few verses at meal times. Laine is normal, and we are not.

If you’d like to experience the CEB for yourself and would like a copy the contest here continues. Comment here if you want to and you may end up the chosen.

Luther: On Isaiah 56:11 and Greed

In his commentary on Isaiah Martin Luther observes

Each to his own gain, one and all. Here you see the reason why teaching is done so badly in the world. Here the prophet puts his finger on the real cause. It is greed that does it. They are afraid for their own belly because they fear the cross, and for that reason they still persecute us today. They do not want to be satisfied with food and clothing, as we are, but they are always hoarding treasure. So the monks are all slaves of greed and insatiable dogs. Here you see that it was the prophets’ office to fight against the greed of the false prophets. What has brought about monasteries and Masses without number today if not greed? In his own kind, that is, “in his own way.”

Oh smack!  ‘The monks are … insatiable dogs!’  And Hoarders!  Monks as hoarders- how’s that for a mental image…

Scripture Set Free

In his tremendous (no really) commentary on the Song of Solomon, Martin Luther writes


The Word will grow more abundant for you if you make use of it. For the Word is the sort of treasure which grows with handling and distribution but rots with hoarding. It has to be in constant use, for the more it is taught, heard, and learned, the more readily and the more clearly it is understood.

Very few useful things can be harvested from the Song, but Luther manages to do it.

So Some of Those Super-Religious Ultra Orthodox Like Little Boys, Huh?

Israeli police say three men have been arrested in a suspected pedophilia ring thought to have preyed on dozens of Jerusalem children.  Police spokesman Shmuel Ben-Ruby says the ring is suspected of molesting 70 children between the ages of 2 and 7 in their religious Jewish neighborhood.  In all, six men have been arrested, including three on Sunday. Ben-Ruby says it’s not clear whether more suspects and children are involved because the investigation is not finished.  Officials familiar with the investigation said parents tried to solve the problem themselves and took months to involve police.

Despicable.  Pedophiles- may they burn in the devil’s hell where they so deservedly belong.  And here’s more disturbing stuff-

Yitzhak Kadman, a children’s rights advocate, says ultra-Orthodox Jews are slowly beginning to seek authorities’ help instead of trying to ignore or whitewash problems inside their cloistered community.

You read that right- they overlook these kinds of abuse just to maintain their privacy.  That means that every person who knew and who didn’t report it to the authorities is a partner in the perversity.  Sickening.

I Think You’re Looking for the Blog of Chris Tilling, Miss

I received this email today and feel fairly sure that they’ve just made a mistake and sent it to me when they really intended to send it to Chris.


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Thanks for your time,
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Chris’s address is ‘thedevil@666.co.uk’.  He will be glad to help.

‘Jesus I Have Loved, But Paul?’ – The ‘Blog Tour’ Kickoff

JRD Kirk has the honor of posting the initial offering for the book tour.  There are, as I’ve noted elsewhere, several participants (including me) taking part in the tour and my examination of Chapter 5 (my segment for the tour) will show up out of the blue on Thursday night at midnight (actually Friday morning, the 13th, at 12:01 a.m.).

Quote of the Day: On American Theological Ignorance

Dear European friends confused about the American phenomenon of Tebowing. Let me explain. Some Americans think Jesus picks football games, and that he has a favourite player called Tim Tebow. Last night in a football game, this QB threw for 316 yards, and some of my folks back home said it wasn’t coincidence that he threw for 316 yards because it points to John 3:16. Not kidding. Stop laughing.  – T. Michael Law

As I told Michael, it never ceases to amaze me how truly ignorant so many Americans are when it comes to theology.  They believe God not only chooses the winner of a sporting event, they even believe that if the QB is a Christian God will favor him with a win.  So what does God do when both teams QB’s are Christians?  Do they have coins in heaven for him to toss?  What if both teams are comprised of all Christians?  How does God pick?

Tebow is a good kid and he’s becoming a better quarterback- but come on people, God decides which team wins?  Really?  Please prove it.

Up Yours, Ultra-Orthodox Fanatics

Via Louise Hitchcock on the FB. (To whom I also owe the post title)