The Leader of the Episcopal Church is a Heretic

Who simply doesn’t understand Christian theology. She just doesn’t. There’s not a driplet of Christian orthodoxy which permits her theory or accepts it as legitimate. Either access to God the Father is exclusively available through Christ or it isn’t. It’s either/or not both/and as the Episcopalian Arch-Heretic would have it (along with many pseudo-Christians these days).

You don’t have to like Christianity’s historical exclusivism at all. But you can’t consider yourself a Christian in the truest sense of the word if you abandon it.


One thought on “The Leader of the Episcopal Church is a Heretic

  1. Robert 6 Jan 2012 at 11:23 am

    Never seen this “Wretched” show before…sort of like Glenn Beck meets Jim Cramer. Sort of disturbing, sort of entertaining…definitely not 1 Peter 3:16.

    Anyhoo, back to the point of the post. Why would we expect Schori to be anything but heterodox? She’s a terrible excuse for a Bishop who has no moral or theological compass. The Episcopal Church in America is slowly going the way of the Buffalo. Thankfully so. Maybe young, upstart church planters can take over their empty buildings and grow vibrant, evangelical congregations.


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