Robert Deutsch: A Further Observation on the Jerusalem Seal

He writes

Another observation regarding the Temple Bulla. One can see a ridge on the right side of the impression which indicates that the seal used to impress the bulla was perforated. Usually the traces of the seal’s perforation are not found on bullae but on this sample it appears because on the right side the seal was deeply impressed and shifted to the left. This phenomenon can be understand if we will imagine the seals owner holding the seal in one hand and pressing it in the lump of clay which he holds with two fingers in his other hand.

In addition, I will suggest to excavators to clean the back of the bulla and take good photos in order to find the finger prints of the seals owner which must be there awaiting to be discovered.

Robert Deutsch

Here’s the photo he attached along with his indication of the ridge- (click to enlarge) –

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