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Reason 25,985 That God Should Destroy the World…

Sarah Burge, the woman known as the “Human Barbie,” gave her daughter Poppy a bizarre stocking stuffer this Christmas: a liposuction voucher worth about $11,000.

The 7-year-old was reportedly excited about the gift, and mom is confident the money will be well spent one day in the future.

In an interview with the British tabloid Closer, Burge disclosed her thoughts about what some are calling an inappropriate gift for a young girl.

“She asks for surgery all the time. She wants to look good and liposuction is one of those procedures that will always come in handy,” Burge told the magazine.

Prayer:  Dearest God, those of us with some semblance of sense would understand, completely, if you called the human experiment off.  We would hold you innocent of any and all impropriety were you to do so and we would give you thanks should you.

Your friends.  (Including Irene Hahn who sent me the tale).  Amen.

‘Homescholers’ for Perry


Maybe they need someone to teach them spelling. Or maybe they’re in the Tea Party- a lot notorious for poor spelling on rally signs. Or maybe it’s really a subversive plea for public education in a failed ‘homescholing’ system.

Or maybe they’re just from Texas.

Revelation and Intertextuality: A 1993 Duke Dissertation

Intertextuality in the Revelation to John, by Gregory Linton. A Dissertation for the Ph.D. in New Testament and Christian Origins, Duke University, 1993.


Quote of the Day

Oil painting of a young John Calvin.

Men are never duly touched and impressed with a conviction of their insignificance until they have contrasted themselves with the majesty of God.  — John Calvin

We can turn this around a little and accurately say, the further men are from the majesty of God, the more inflated their opinions of themselves.  This nicely explains why the further one is from God, the more one is inclined to rely on the ‘whore reason’ alone.  Because, simply put, the less people think of God, the more they think of themselves (and their supposed intellect).

The Most Interesting Posts from the Episcopalian/Anglican/Methodist Blogging Community This Week

If Rick Perry is this Indecisive Running, What Would he be Like as President?!?!

Governor Rick Perry of Texas speaking at the R...

The Indecider

CNN email alerts write

Texas Gov. Rick Perry suggested Wednesday he’ll continue to run for the Republican presidential nomination despite saying he was reassessing his campaign after a fifth-place finish in the Iowa caucuses.  “And the next leg of the marathon is the Palmetto State. …Here we come South Carolina!!!” Perry said Wednesday on Twitter.

I’ve got a nickname for him: ‘The Indecider’.

‘But You Refused…’ Could Anything Be More Ridiculous?

Isaiah 30:8-15 is striking in its profundity:

8 Now go, write it before them on a tablet, inscribe it on a scroll, so in the future it will endure as a witness.

9 These are rebellious people, lying children, children unwilling to hear the LORD ’s teaching, 10 who say to the seers, “ Don’t foresee, ” and to the visionaries, “ Don’t report truthful visions; tell us flattering things; envision deceptions; 11 get out of the way; step off the path; let’s have no more ‘holy one of Israel.’ ”

12 Therefore, the holy one of Israel says: Because you reject this word and trust in oppression and cunning and rely on them, 13 your sin will be like a crack in a high wall; it bulges, about to fall: suddenly, in an instant, it breaks! 14 Its breaking is like the breaking of a storage jar that is totally shattered. No piece from among its fragments will be large enough to take fire from a hearth, or to dip water from a cistern.

15 Therefore, the LORD God, the holy one of Israel, says: In return and rest you will be saved; quietness and trust will be your strength— but you refused.  (CEB)

‘But you refused…’ Or in the rendering of the NKJV – ‘But you would not’. Insanity. Pure and unmixed insanity. It takes real mental imbalance and spiritual wretchedness to get to the point where ‘returning and rest, quietness and confidence in God and the strength which such imparts is rejected in favor of… what exactly but despair and death. ‘You would not’. Those words can only be spoken to the unhinged.

An Open Letter to the Congress and The White House

Sirs (and Madams),

I went to the gym this morning, as is my custom.  When I returned home at 6:30 I observed that the local gas station I frequent was selling unleaded petrol for $3.06 a gallon.  Down, actually, a few cents from last week.

I had some errands to run a bit later this morning so when I returned I noticed that the same gas station was now charging a jaw dropping $3.19 per gallon.  That, in case math isn’t your strong suit, is a whopping .13 cent increase in just a matter of 2 hours.

I want to take a moment, then, to ‘thank’ you for seeing to it that America has a sensible domestic energy policy which frees us from our utter dependency on the whims of Iranian threats, Iraqi disruptions, Libyan uprisings, and Saudi mouth kissings.

I, frankly, don’t fault the Iranians for their mindless and idiotic blusterings.   Nor do I blame the Libyans seeking freedom or the Iraqi schismatics who are so driven by maniacal religious hatred that they can’t get along for more than a day without the fist of a tyrant crushing them into submission.  I don’t even blame the Saudis (even though most of the 9/11 terrorists came from there).

I blame you.  Your shortsightedness and apparent ignorance coupled with a grotesque subservience to the oil industry and oil trading speculators is the cause.  You are the cause of the oppression of the poor who are affected by every 10 cent rise per gallon in a way that you neither appreciate nor understand.  How could you?  You live in wealth and probably haven’t filled up your own gas tanks in decades.

God willing (and I pray daily that he is), you will, one and all, lose your jobs and your lobbyists will lose their influence and you will be reduced to the straits to which you have so glibly and disgustingly reduced most Americans.

May God bless America.  By removing all of you from office this election.

Yours, with more disgust than you can fathom,


Justifiable Homicide

I just watched this gripping story on ABC:

A young Oklahoma mother shot and killed an intruder to protect her 3-month-old baby on New Year’s Eve, less than a week after the baby’s father died of cancer. Sarah McKinley says that a week earlier a man named Justin Martin dropped by on the day of her husband’s funeral, claiming that he was a neighbor who wanted to say hello. The 18-year-old Oklahoma City area woman did not let him into her home that day. On New Year’s Eve Martin returned with another man, Dustin Stewart, and this time was armed with a 12-inch hunting knife. The two soon began trying to break into McKinley’s home.

I have to say that in my estimation her actions were justifiable.  1), because her actions were meant to protect her innocent child; and 2) the intruders clearly intended evil.  It wasn’t herself she was concerned with or her property, but her baby.  She did the right, the justifiable, thing.

Prostitutes for Paul

Who wants Ron Paul for President?  Why prostitutes of course

As the primary season kicks into high gear, Nevada’s Moonlite BunnyRanch brothel announced that it will once again support Republican candidate Ron Paul for President, according to a press release posted to the Daily Caller.  This is the second consecutive presidential electionthat the establishment — popularized by the HBO series Cathouse — is backing Paul in his bid for the Oval Office.  “We decided to go with the guy that’s more about state’s rights — and that’s Ron Paul,” club owner Dennis Hof said.

‘Club’ owner… nice euphemism for pimp.

I’m reminded of the known drug mules locally who – at the last election – had a particular candidate for Sheriff’s campaign sticker on their cars and it occurred to me that if drug mules are supporting a sheriff candidate you can rest assured that they expect something from him (like a blind eye to their mulings).

So, if the hookers of a Nevada brothel want Ron Paul they must see in him something of benefit to themselves.  He should probably use that to his advantage and rally all the street-walkers of the country behind him with some catchy campaign motto.  ‘Prostitutes for Paul’ might work or ‘Pimps for Paul’ or ‘Raunchy for Ron’….

I Guess God Didn’t Want Rick Perry to Be President After All

Rick Perry presidential campaign, 2012

Except God won't vote for him

That can only mean one thing- Rick Perry isn’t the anointed!   And the same is true of Bachmann!!

I hope they can one day recover from their self-imposed false apprehension of the will and purpose of God and mostly I hope they’ve learned not to believe their own wants and wishes to be the will of God!

Naeh Contra Shukron and Reich on the ‘Jerusalem Purity Seal’

Ha’aretz is reporting

Prof. Shlomo Naeh of the Hebrew University’s Talmud department believes the inscription could be read differently. “I was sitting with my son and looking at the photograph, and in a moment of intuition, I realized what it could be,” he told Haaretz Tuesday.

Naeh also believes the object is related to Temple worship and purity, but reads the inscription differently, as “Dakar a Leyehoyariv.” Dakar in Aramaic means ram and a stands for aleph, the first day of the week, when the priestly order of Yehoyariv was on duty in the Temple.

Thus, the object was used in Temple worship, but not how Reich and Shukron believe it was, says Naeh. To ensure the purity of animal sacrifices offered in the Temple – and to maintain an economic monoply, Naeh believes – pilgrims had to buy their offerings in the Temple courts. They gave money to a treasurer who would exchange it for a token inscribed with the type of sacrifice they had purchased and the date.

Like Reich and Shukron, Naeh supports his theory with a mishnaic verse citing the existence of such tokens. With regard to Reich and Shukron’s interpretation, he said: “Purity was very fluid; the touch of an impure person was enough to make the object impure, so it is unlikely such a seal existed.”

He also said the object could not be a seal because it lacked a hole for a thread or a handle to affix it to another object.

“People have been saying the ancient sages fantasized everything about the Temple. But … they knew what they were talking about. For me, this is uplifting. The sages of the Mishna, my guys, win out,” Naeh said.

It should be noted that Robert Deutsch suggested that very understanding the very day the seal was revealed.  You can read his remarks here or at the link below.