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Pastors Have No Business ‘Endorsing’ ANY Politician. Period.

But evidently some do- to their eternal shame.  And apparently politicians crave it.

Howard Fineman tweets

Bachman people privately complain that some pastors would not endorse her cuz of her gender

Again, pastors have no business endorsing politicians.  Pastors serve a prophetic role in that they are assigned by God the task of insisting on righteousness in society.

Preaching the gospel has NOTHING to do with climbing into bed with politicians of ANY stripe, flavor, or gender.  When pastors foolishly and ignorantly ignore their primary calling simply to dabble in political nonsense for the sake of public notice (and let’s admit it- that’s all in the world that endorsements are), they FAIL.

It was that damnable heretic Constantine who taught preachers to be agents of the state instead of Prophets of the Lord.  Curse him.  He single handedly managed to corrupt the church more than any other of history’s heretics.

When pastors become tools of the state, they abandon their purpose, calling, and right-function.

One can’t confront the state with the prophetic message of God out of one side of the mouth while out of the other congratulating it for its actions.  One can’t excoriate injustice and endorse the proponents of injustice- the very policy makers who systematically oppress the poor while enriching the coffers of their rich brethren.

Pastors should be like Nathan- pointing their finger in the face of power, and denouncing it!  Not like toadying sycophants who lap up the drippings of popularity from the drool-buckets of the politicos.

So, pastor, go ahead, endorse away.  But as soon as the words ‘I endorse…’ fly from your lips, the Spirit and calling of God fly from your life.

Tragic News: The Perfect Pastor is Dead!

An associate pastor and church sound man pulled a Weekend-At-Bernie’s-style scheme, keeping their church’s senior pastor in the pulpit six weeks after his unexpected death.    “I thought he was going through a personal renewal which mellowed him,” says one member after learning that pastor Lenny Dillon had been dead since July.  Dillon, 57, died of a stroke while vacationing with his wife in Canada. She went along with the scheme because she couldn’t bear to let her husband go.  It “comforted me to see him preaching, even though I knew he was dead,” she says.

I understand perfectly how she could see him preaching even though he was dead.  It’s really, really hard to tell the difference between a living preacher and a dead one!  Indeed, sometimes it’s just better to be dead:

To the trio’s amazement, the church flourished. Rancorous disagreements stopped. People felt ministered to and cared for.  “He seemed so happy all of a sudden,” says one woman. “That peace spread through the congregation.”  Barry and Linda Cox attended several counseling sessions with the dead pastor and said it vastly improved their marriage.  “He was such a good listener,” she says.

I know when I’m dead I’ll be much nicer!  And people will prefer me that way, let’s face it.  Just as they did this chap-

Embalmed and dressed in a three-piece suit, Dillon was propped against the pulpit every Sunday. The associate stitched sermons together from past sermon tapes. The sound man turned down the lights. After service the associate and sound man helped Dillon shake hands in the foyer. They put sunglasses on Dillon and made up a story about botched laser eye surgery.  Though the ruse has ended, some people in the church want the corpse back.  “Best two months this church has ever had,” said one man. •

That will certainly be the sound heard roundly when I’m dead too.  Just as artists only come to be appreciated when they’re dead, so too Pastors.

Denver Fans…

A reminder from Scripture concerning your Tebow-adoration:

‘Pride (in a player) precedes a fall, and a haughty spirit (in presuming that God only cares about your player and your team) comes before destruction (at the hands of the lowly KC Chiefs, for instance).’

Predestination, Israel and Romans 9-11

A paper by Bryan Lewis of  Amridge University.  You Paul Peeps (pp’s) may like it.

Global Perspectives: Call For Contributors

From my Kiwi friend (much to his dismay) Tim B., this call for contributors:

Mark Roncace is seeking contributors for two volumes, Global Perspectives on the Old Testament and Global Perspectives on the New Testament. Pearson Prentice Hall is publishing Global Perspectives on the Bible this year. Next, separate OT and NT volumes, also to be published by Prentice Hall, will be produced. Both books will feature much of the same material as the original Bible volume, but with added essays.

Read the other details and if you’re qualified, competent, and inclined, contribute.

Sacred Techs, Announced Last Summer, is Up and Running!

Be sure to check it out.  Very much worth it.  It’s a collaborative effort by Robert Cargill and Christian Brady so you know it’s going to be top notch.  I’ve got a link to it under ‘useful sites’ on the navigation panel as well.

Their first post is iPad-ish in nature and gives help for those wishing to use Hebrew on their pads.  Pad (not pod)(though, come to think of it…)  People (but not Joel Watts who, for some reason, doesn’t read Hebrew!  What gives, Joel, what gives?).

Luther Called it ‘The Whore, Reason’

reason, without God

Because he understood the propensity of men to rely on their own paltry intellect’s.  He was rightly dismissive of the supposed power of the human mind to solve its own most basic problems.

Calvin said

We are deluded in estimating the powers of the mind.

And so we are.  Which is why Luther and the other Reformers (including Zwingli, who mocked godless reason)  trusted Revelation more than they trusted Reason.  And which is why so many of our contemporaries would be a whole lot better off if they trusted their own whorish reason less and divine revelation more.

Reason without revelation is irrational buffoonery and revelation without reason is mindless sectarian fundamentalism.

Jesus Bandages… No, I’m Not Kidding

From Maire Byrne, my SOTS-ian BFF, posted this on facebook and I’m compelled to share it because it both horrifies and fascinates- like an auto accident or a food riot in Somalia:

Coffee With Jesus: Smacking the Christian Zionists

Nicely done.

Call to Duty: The Christian Edition

It is our duty to adhere firmly by faith to the one God, inasmuch as he is the one and only author of all good things, and to walk in innocence of life for his pleasure.

For anyone who has neglected these things and has sought false gods, who has lived shamefully or impiously, and who has worshiped God more with ceremonies or external things than with true holiness of life, will be excluded, disinherited, and rejected from the covenant. — Heinrich Bullinger

The German Arsonist who Hates America

It’s a shame he didn’t get out then, instead of staying and destroying people’s property.  What a contemptible creature.  I hope he enjoys eternal fire, since he seems to like the temporal sort.

Police arrested a Hollywood resident believed to be a German citizen on Monday in connection with a wave of 53 arson fires across Los Angeles that terrorized neighborhoods over the holiday weekend.    Harry Burkhart, 24, was taken into custody early on Monday morning after a reserve sheriff’s deputy spotted him driving a van similar to one being sought after a string of fires set in Los Angeles, Hollywood and surrounding communities.  Authorities booked Burkhart on suspicion of arson  and said he was being held at Los Angeles County jail. Authorities declined to comment on a Los Angeles Times report that Burkhart was embroiled in an immigration dispute with the federal government over the status of his mother.  L. A. Weekly also quoted police sources that Burkhart declared “I hate America,” when he was detained.

Guess what, America doesn’t think much of you either.  Enjoy prison.  I’m sure that loads of the Americans you hate will be more than happy to show you love in return.

The Preliminary Report on Robinson’s Arch, Jerusalem

From Ronny Reich and Eli Shukron-

Circular cistern

At the beginning of 2011, an excavation was conducted near Robinson’s Arch in the Old City of Jerusalem (Permit No. A-6131). The excavation was directed by E. Shukron, on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority and by R. Reich, on behalf of the Zinman Institute of Archaeology of the University of Haifa, with the assistance of V. Essman and Y. Shmidov (surveying and drafting), V. Naikhin (field photography), O. Cohen and A. Tsagay (engineering and conservation), C. Amit (studio photography), L. Kupershmidt (metallurgical laboratory) and D.T. Ariel (numismatics).

And a LOT more.  Via Antonio.

Answering Your Letters

Dear Jim,

You and Joel Watts seem to tease each other a lot.  Or is it more than that?  Do you get along?


Dear Bob- yes we do get along.  In fact I count him as a friend.  I tease and mock because I love.  You can tell the persons I do not care for either by my outright contempt (as for the angry atheists) or by the fact that I simply ignore their existence.

I do, though, worry about Joel.  Here’s what he had for breakfast yesterday!

That’s just not healthy.  In fact, it’s disgusting.

The Results of the Blizzard of 2012

3/4″ of the dandruff…  Woe, woe, woe… the end is at hand…