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Serious Archaeology

It is no longer possible to do serious archaeology as an amateur.  Today archaeologists must be full time professionals.  Stated somewhat simply, the time that one could do archaeology in the Middle East with the Bible in one hand and … Continue reading

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First Santorum Jumps the Shark, and Now, Newt Does

Santorum’s idiotic stunt which spelled doom to his quest for office was noted last week.  Today, Newt’s managed an idiotic stunt of his own- accusing Romney of taking kosher food from Holocaust survivors…  No kidding. Just when you thought it … Continue reading

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Say, You Aren’t Black Enough…

You must need to be stabbed…. When one student stabbed 12-year-old Ryan Rodriguez in the back with a pencil and walked away, Ryan didn’t have to ask for a reason why. He already knew: his race, the Connecticut Postreports. The boy’s mother, Gail … Continue reading

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Tim Tebow Has Taken a (Theological) Turn for the Worse

Michael writes Mega church Pastor and televangelist Rod Parsley is teaming up with another Prosperity and Word of Faith teacher and multi millionaire Kenneth Copeland and (wait for it) yup, NFL Quarter back, Tim Tebow! In a conference said to let you … Continue reading

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Jesus Can Stay in the Forest After All

So take that you feckless whining angry atheists. The U.S. Forest Service says it will re-authorize a permit for a 57-year-old statue of Jesus that had been facing eviction from a northwestern Montana ski resort.  The agency faced a firestorm of criticism from religious … Continue reading

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Afghani Barbarism

An Afghan militiaman strangled his wife for giving birth to a third daughter instead of a son, according to law enforcement authorities. The 28-year-old victim was killed in her home in the northern province of Kunduz by her husband and … Continue reading

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The Bern Mandate

Published by 31 January of 1528, the Anweisung für das Berner Reformationsmandat issued directives as to how to carry out the Reform which was shown to be necessary at the Bern Disputation. Bern overturned the Catholic ‘victory’ at Baden and … Continue reading

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The Truth About Dog Lovers…

Priceless- but be sure to watch it to the end! Via Rachel West on the twitter.

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Registration for the SBL Southeastern Meeting is Open

You can register online, in just a couple of minutes, here.  The SBL Southeastern region webpage is here and it includes hotel registration information as well.  Hope to see you there! [And if you have colleagues in the region, please let them … Continue reading

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‘Lest the Child Snatchers Come…’

A fine essay in the Telegraph [or, if you’re the sort comfortable with just fobbing off things you find online as your own, you can delete, to the eternal damnation of your soul, reference to said source] includes the delightful … Continue reading

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Phil Long – On Hebrews 6:4-12

Phil does a nice job on this crux.    He so correctly concludes He [the author of Hebrews] does not address church discipline or post-reformation theology.  In fact, he is neither Calvinist nor Arminian, he is not a holiness preacher … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

The GOP race is between a man who wants a colony on the moon and one who thinks God will give him his own planet.  – Andy Borowitz

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Small Wonder the Church in Britain is on the Rocks…

Vicars there  are weird… Pop vicar Richard Coles preaches the virtues of cycling. Former Communards star turned vicar on how he has had a number of epiphanies by simply getting on his bike. They’ll let anyone be a Vicar won’t … Continue reading

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Aren Maeir in the News

If his parents hadn’t moved from New York to Israel in 1969, noted Israeli archeologist Aren Maeir would more likely be holding a stethoscope than a shovel.  “In Jewish suburbia, 90-odd percent of people are doctors, lawyers or accountants,” muses the Bar-Ilan … Continue reading

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Noah’s Ark Has Been Found!!!!!

Oddly, though, it’s no where you would expect.  In fact, it’s a bit further north than anticipated.  It’s in Köln!

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Intellectual ‘Freedom’

Via Antonio Russo on the FB- So much for ‘freedom’…

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If You’re In Minnesota, There’s a Conference You Should Attend

Manifold Greatness Colloquium Date: 02/03/2012 Time: 4:00 PM – 7:30 PM Location: 4th floor gallery Wilson Library Cost: Free Description: Join us for this colloquium, which will include a special viewing of the exhibits followed by a reception. Music will be provided by guitar students … Continue reading

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In Israel They Have Reason to Be Worried

The far right has been given the authority to indoctrinate Israel’s children.  That should worry everyone. Education Minister Gideon Sa’ar has made a mockery of Breaking the Silence. For a year the organization has been pestering him to allow its … Continue reading

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More Proof That Mark Driscoll Leads a Cult

Only a cult leader can ‘fire’ someone in a position of leadership in the cult.  I.e., only a cult has a mere mortal as absolute authority.  Said fired leader writes, in part, The downside is Mark’s pathology shows up in … Continue reading

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Oh Buddy, Are You Barking Up the Wrong Tree

I got this email… advertising a private jet for my personal use.  Hey, I’m no Chris Tilling!

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