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Incomprehensible Grammar is Way More Irritating than Methodists!

Joel writes, and I quote Jim doesn’t like Methodists – If I were in his shoes, I would be too. I mean, look at us – saved, chosen, beautiful. What?????  ‘If I were in his shoes, I would be too’??????  *Sigh*  I’ve … Continue reading

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ASOR and BAR: Jerusalem and Athens?

I’m sure the rest of you got this email today: Find out how Jerusalem became ancient Israel’s capital at the ASOR/BAS Seminar And then followed an advert for the aforementioned joint seminar.  This, I have to say, troubles me.  It … Continue reading

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Methodists Are Wicked

Need proof?  Well here ya go!   That’s right!  They shamelessly use Kindle’s!!!!!  Shame on ’em.  Next, they’ll become Episcopalians!

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The Bavarian Church Where the Members Really are Cold. Really Cold.

But this time being cold is a beautiful thing– A Church built entirely of snow and ice had its grand opening in the Bavarian village of Mitterfirmiansreut Wednesday night. Villagers built the church, which is made up of more than … Continue reading

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Wow! One of My Posts Was the Most Read of the Entire Year!

Here.  I just don’t know what to say…  no, really, I’m speechless. Maybe there really is something to all this ‘Top Post of the Year’ and ‘Top Song of the Year’ and ‘Top Model of the Year’ and ‘Top Recipe … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

‎ “Hate Sin! Instead of loving it, cleaving to it, excusing it, playing with it, we ought to hate it with a deadly hatred.”  ~ J.C. Ryle

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The Most Hurtful Man on the Planet Is…

Marc Cortez.  I think you’ll know exactly why when you read his hate ridden, vicious, vindictive, malicious, mean spirited, cruel meandering assault on all that is good and decent. I don’t think we can be BFF’s anymore.  I’m wounded…

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Quote of the Day

G. Salmon, Victorian clergyman: ‘If Montanism had triumphed, Christian doctrine would have been developed, not under the superintendence of the church teachers most esteemed for wisdom, but usually of wild and excitable women.’  —  Via T. Michael Law on FB. … Continue reading

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The Winner This Week of a copy of the Common English Bible

Is Steven Shipley!  And yes, I’m still giving away copies (as authorized by the good people at the CEB).  Each Thursday I announce the week’s winner.  If you entered and didn’t win, try again.  Just tell me why, in comments, you want … Continue reading

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The News Understatement of the Day

I was listening to the local news this morning at the gym (while on the treadmill) and they related that a torso had been found along the side of the road up in Delaware.  They concluded the report by saying … Continue reading

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Murdering Multiple Children: Abortion to Cut Down on Multiple Births

  Appalling! More than 100 unborn babies were aborted last year by women expecting twins, triplets or even quintuplets but who wanted to give birth to fewer children, official figures disclosed to The Telegraph show. Of the 85 women undergoing … Continue reading

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Why No, No I’m Not

File this one in the bizarro spam category. This email came in overnight- Hi Jim, The quality of zwingliusredivivus.wordpress.com impressed us and we wanted to know if you’d be interested in a guest post from us that could add a … Continue reading

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George Athas on the ‘Jerusalem Seal’

George writes One thing that puzzles me about the recently discovered seal from Jerusalem is its Aramaic inscription. The seal reads דכא ליה (‘pure to Yah[weh]‘), and evidently has some sort of ritual significance. Shukron and Reich argued that the seal was … Continue reading

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