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I Have A Dropbox Question

Suppose I have a document that I want to share with just a couple of people.  How would I go about doing that?  Sorry for the newbie question but I’ve just begun to use it (love it so far) and want to share something but have no idea how.  With thanks for any response.

Why Would Anyone Care What Bill Maher Thinks?

He’s marketed himself as a pundit but he’s nothing more than a lousy comedian and loud mouthed imbecile who’s in love with the sound of his own voice.  He’s merely a publicity whore whose despicable craving for attention led him to make vile remarks about Tebow and Jesus.

People following Maher on twitter crave that kind of ignorant dullardism (because people crave what they are) and he serves it up on a plate of stupidity.  He just wanted to remind people that he exists (temporarily) because his show is off the air till January 13.   He’s not received the attention he needs to feed his pathetic ego.  Poor miscreant.  It’s a sad life he lives.

I can’t imagine why anyone would be interested in him or the bilge that spews from his maw.  He’s just another whiny angry atheist.  And those people are so super-excessively boring.

When Churches Lose the Plot- This Is What Happens to their ‘Youth’ Program

Mosaic Church in Chattanooga calls its Youth ministry ‘Club Fathom’.  Club Fathom was the scene of a violent brawl the other day.

A Christmas morning shooting that injured nine people is further evidence that the downtown club where the brawl began is a public nuisance that should be dealt with quickly, city officials said Monday.

Club Fathom has a long history of teen violence dating back to at least 2006 and has faced city ire in the past.

“This place has consistently been a problem and the owners are not addressing the problem,” city spokesman Richard Beeland said. “We are talking to the city attorney to see what our options are.”

Chattanooga police said nine people — five juveniles and four adults — were shot when rival gang members began firing at each other in a crowd of about 400 teens leaving a Christmas Eve party at Club Fathom located in a building run by Mosaic Church on Market Street.

Police believe the Club Fathom brawl, which happened shortly after midnight, led to at least two other incidents, including another shooting near College Hill Courts. Police Spokeswoman Sgt. Jerri Weary said police would not release any additional information about the incident until today.

Police have not released the names of those injured near Club Fathom, but said no injuries appeared to be life-threatening. Police released Sunday the name of 18-year-old Thomas Heffner, who was shot in the hand near College Hill Courts sometime after leaving the downtown melee.

Fliers outside the building advertised a candlelight Christmas Eve service from midnight to 1 a.m., while an online ad billed a “Smash or Pass Christmas Bash,” where no ID was required. That advertisement featured a woman in red lingerie and a Santa hat.

Now what kind of church is it that runs a teen club?  And a teen club where women in lingerie is their choice for advertisement?  Yet this is exactly what happens when Christ is forgotten and the aim of ‘ministry’ becomes ‘getting the kids to come whatever it takes.’


American Hitchens Fans Take Note: The Brits Never Thought of Him as Anything but a Gossip Columnist

Thanks to Daniel Stoddart for pointing this Salon essay out-

The famed atheist and Vanity Fair writer was more concerned with self-promotion than actual ideas. “In lapidary inscriptions a man is not upon oath,” Samuel Johnson remarked. Even so, claims that the world has lost a major thinker and great writer in the late Christopher Hitchens go beyond the mild flattery that is appropriate in obituaries and call for correction. The rule de mortuis nil nisi bonum does not apply to those who take part in public life or public debate; their deaths provide the most appropriate occasions to evaluate their significance and their legacies.

Americans are so easily taken in by what’s ‘new’ or ‘controversial’. Silly people. Hitchens was nothing but a self absorbed clown spending his life promoting only himself.

Several years ago, a readers’ poll done as a joint publicity stunt by Foreign Policy and London’s Prospect Magazine elevated Christopher Hitchens to the title of the world’s leading intellectual. The poll was not only silly but also easily gamed, and in a succeeding year, thanks to votes by conservative Muslims, with wonderful irony, a Turkish Muslim cleric succeeded Hitchens as the world’s leading public intellectual.

And truly

But though he played one on TV, Hitchens was not an intellectual, if the word has any meaning anymore. Those known by the somewhat awkward term “public intellectuals” can be based in the professoriate, the nonprofit sector, or journalism. They can even be politicians, like the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan. But genuine intellectuals, as distinct from mere commentators or TV talking heads, need to meet two tests.


Second, genuine intellectuals base their interventions in public debate on the basis of some coherent view of the world. A dedication to rigorous and systematic reasoning, wherever it may lead, is what distinguishes intellectuals from lobbyists or partisan spin doctors who change their views according to the demands of a special interest or a party. It also distinguishes them from mere “contrarians” — the term Hitchens used to describe himself — who attract publicity by taking controversial stands according to their whims.  Hitchens left behind no substantial scholarly or literary work, and if he had any core principles or values they are hard to discern. He denounced the Gulf War and backed the Iraq War; he supported Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz while continuing to insist that Henry Kissinger was a war criminal.

He was, in short, nobody. But Americans do seem to love nobodies. Just ask Kim Kardashian.

Go Ahead, Keep Swearing

The Gospel of the Holy Grail

Antonio Lombatti’s newest volume arrived courtesy his publisher today and I’m looking forward to diving in (though it may – in fact – be a few weeks before I can as I’m presently working on several large projects).

IL VANGELO DEL SANTO GRAAL, says the publisher,

Chiunque possegga la coppa del Sacro Graal ha un indicibile potere sulle leggi del mondo, e solo un cavaliere, il predestinato, può riuscire ad ottenerla, dopo aver superato prove perigliose.

Molto si è detto e scritto sul Graal, le leggende si sono intrecciate nel corso dei secoli, ed il Graal ha assunto forme diverse: una coppa, una pietra caduta dal cielo, un simbolo, il calice che ha raccolto il sangue di Cristo.
Per far luce nei meandri dei significati e nelle false credenze, Antonio Lombatti ha indagato con la consueta perizia ed ha portato alla luce il rapporto del Graal con ciò che è terreno e ciò che è spirituale.

Il “Vangelo del Santo Graal” ci conduce nel mito, nella storia, nella leggenda, senza disdegnare i numerosi riferimenti letterari, filmografici e musicali ed il viaggio in questa narrazione risulta ipnotico e sincero. Ne usciamo come da una esperienza mistica, con qualche certezza in più.

Christian Clerics in Bethlehem Show ‘Christian Love’ By Pummeling Each Other…

This happens all the time!  But it’s always tragic and absurd… Do note, however, that none of them are Baptists!


Today With Zwingli: The Smackdown, Part Two

The smackdown, you ask?  Yes.  Mentioned back on December 7th when Conrad ‘the Syphilitic’ Grebel (he did, by the way, suffer from the ‘Parisian Disease’ thanks to his rounds of promiscuity whilst a student in that prostitute-laden city) published his attack on Zwingli.  Today marks the anniversary of the second part of that smackdown with the publication of Zwingli’s rejoinder.

See the December 7 post for the details.

Hey Abbot! The Mt. Athos Fraud

Français : Vue sur la cour intérieure du monas...

The abbot of the prestigious Vatopedi monastery on Mount Athos in Greece has been jailed pending trial for alleged fraud and embezzlement. Abbot Ephraim, 56, is accused of arranging land swaps between Vatopedi and the state which are thought to have cost the government millions of euros. The abbot, now being held in Korydallos prison in Athens, denies wrongdoing. His arrest has triggered protests.

So American televangelists aren’t the only scammers. Good to know…

The 10 Most Annoying Things of 2011

10- Harold Camping and his intolerable lies.
9- Fred Phelps.
8- The United States Congress.
7- Christian Zionists.
6- The High price of SBL annual meeting registration.
5- Cats.
4- Dogs.
3- Every ‘News’ report about the Kardashians.
2- Snow.

And the absolutely MOST annoying thing of 2011?

1- Top 10 and ‘best of’  lists of all sorts, types, and genders, paraded by their purveyors as if they had actually looked at absolutely everything and could determine the best from the worst.  Such foolishness.