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If You’ve Run Out of Things To Pray…

You could always pray Psalm 109… with an enemy in mind. 7 When the sentence is passed, let him be found guilty— let his prayer be found sinful! 8 Let his days be few; let someone else assume his position. … Continue reading

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Because Our Elected Officials Are The Toadies of Big Business…

Every time a butterfly flaps its wings in the Middle East, you and I pay the price. Oil prices jumped over 2% Tuesday, crossing the $100-barrel-mark after Iran threatened to choke off the flow of oil passing through the Strait … Continue reading

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This is how Some Ultra Orthodox Treat Tiny Girls

One word fits- VILE! Ok two- DISGUSTING! Thanks to Irene Hahn for pointing it out on FB. If the Christian Zionists don’t denounce this, they are the willing partners of evil, the servants of Satan himself.

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An Index for the Talmud

From the New York Times– The Talmud is a considerable body of work: 63 volumes of rabbinical discourse and disputation that form Judaism’s central scripture after the Torah. It has been around for 1,500 years and is studied every day … Continue reading

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Your Congressman Only Cares About the Wealthy…

Because your elected officials ARE the wealthy- ergo, their policies and laws are meant only to preserve their own wealth and power. Before he ran for Congress in 1974, Gary Myers was a steel mill worker. His campaign set him … Continue reading

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Gov. Rick Snyder: Robbing From the Poor and Giving to the Rich- He’s the Anti-Robin Hood

Politicians… Unemployment in the United States is down to 8.6%, but it’s still a number that is too high. In Michigan, Gov. Rick Snyder is dealing with a 10.6% unemployment rate, two points higher than the national average. Sticking with … Continue reading

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A Jewish Perspective on the New Testament

From the good folks at NPR: The New Testament is constantly being re-interpreted from a variety of perspectives. From feminists, to socialists, to traditionalists; there’s even a version as seen through the prism of Star Wars. Well now, you can add … Continue reading

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It’s Not Sharia Law in Israel and the Ultra-Orthodox Aren’t The Taliban, But they Might as Well Be

The President of Israel is a man of sense: President Shimon Peres on Tuesday called on Israelis to attend a demonstration against religious fanaticism, after two days of rioting by ultra-Orthodox extremists in Beit Shemesh.  Thousands were expect to attend … Continue reading

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Elad’s Expansionistic Goals and Policies

The Associated Press informs us that A hard-line Israeli group said Tuesday it was launching plans for a new tourist center at the site of a politically sensitive archaeological dig in a largely Arab neighborhood outside Jerusalem’s Old City, drawing … Continue reading

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New Photos from the Tel Aviv University Excavation at Ramat Rachel and Ir David

Over on Facebook you can check out the new album.  Here’s just one of them (it’s a step stone structure) –

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Today With Zwingli

On 27 December, 1527, Zwingli responded to an enquiry from Ulm concerning slanders Johannes Eck had leveled at him in November of that year. From the outset Zwingli unhesitatingly observes that Eck’s senselessness is apparent to one and all. He … Continue reading

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Psalms as Torah: Reading Biblical Song Ethically

Baker Academic have been very kind and sent along galley proofs of Gordon Wenham’s forthcoming volume for me to look over.   My review of this amazingly engaging volume follows: 1. Jewish and Christian Approaches to the Psalms 2. Critical … Continue reading

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The Babysitter Who is Charged with Murdering a 9 Year Old

Very sad news today for the parents of the missing 9 year old Aliahna Lemmon. The neighbor who was babysitting a 9-year-old Indiana girl when she went missing last week will be formally charged with murder Tuesday, a heartbreaking turn for … Continue reading

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