Breaking News! The United States Now Celebrates Boxing Day!!!

Who knew that this relic of the British Empire had been adopted at this late date here in the States?  But it has.

How do I know that we’re now celebrating Boxing Day?  Because the banks are closed and so is the Post Office.  So apparently the 26th of December is now some sort of national holiday.

I just wish someone had told me in advance.  I could have saved some gas.

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I am a Pastor, and Lecturer in Church History and Biblical Studies at Ming Hua Theological College.
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3 Responses to Breaking News! The United States Now Celebrates Boxing Day!!!

  1. Same thing here. Check the news. Maybe Barack sold us to Canada, eh?


  2. wken says:

    When a federal holiday falls on a weekend, the observance is shifted. If it falls on Saturday, expect it to be observed on Friday. If it falls on Sunday, expect the observance on Monday.

    This is so that the government employees actually get their contracted number of holidays.

    One thing that six years in banking taught me is that federal holidays will not be missed …

    I sort of expect that Christmas will become the third Monday in December within a couple of decades, just because it’s easier.


  3. Third Monday in December? Why Not. Has as much to do with Christ’s birth as a solstice festival….


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