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Quote of the Day

Walking away: when American Airlines does it, it’s smart; when homeowners do it, it’s immoral. Debt double-standards.  — Alan Berube  (on Twitter)

Lady Gag(alot) Can’t Manage to Grab her Own Towel

Poor thing. She’s so crippled by fame that she can’t manage to drag a towel off of a rack.

One of Gag(alot’s) former personal assistants

… claims, among other things, that she ensured “the promptness of a towel following a shower and (served) as a personal alarm clock to keep [Gaga] on schedule,” according to court papers. O’Neill says her services were required at her “earliest waking hour” or for “spontaneous, random matters in the middle of the night.” Another former PA claims she was required to sleep with Gaga most nights, because the singer didn’t want to be alone, and that the two shared showers and makeup time. A Gaga rep dismissed the lawsuit as “completely without merit.”

Ick. How deranged does an adult person have to be to suffer such self absorption? I suppose she thinks she was born that way. And she’s right. She was born completely curved in on herself and that apparently hasn’t changed one iota.

I hope her assistants win a boatload of money and Gag has to buy off the rack from hence.

Criminals are Idiots

Here’s all the proof you need.  With thanks to Aren Maeir for mentioning it on FB. Depravity robs one of righteousness- and even sense.

Every Christian a Missourian

Missouri is called the ‘Show Me’ State.  Every Christian should be a Missourian. At least that’s what 1 John 5:1-2 (CEB) suggests:

Everyone who believes that Jesus is the Christ has been born from God. Whoever loves someone who is a parent loves the child born to the parent. This is how we know that we love the children of God: when we love God and keep God’s commandments.

Those who are Christians and worthy of the name love God.  And, they do what God says.  They ‘show’ the world that they aren’t simply simple minded ‘spiritualists’ who ‘love God’ in some sort of immaterial and inconsequential non-concrete way.  They prove their love for God by doing what God commands.

It stands to reason, therefore, that those who do not keep God’s commandments do not, in fact, love God.  Oh sure, they may stomp their feet and protest their ethereal ‘love of God’ but the proof is in the pudding.  If it were true, they would ‘show me’, and you, and everyone else.

But, and most importantly, Christians have to ‘show me’ to themselves.  Infelicitously put as that is, what I’m suggesting is that Christian folk are required to put up or shut up by first ‘examining themselves’.  Only then will they be able to help remove the speck from their less than sincere brother’s eye.

Jewish Gender Wars

Clashes erupted on Monday between police and several hundred ultra-Orthodox Jews from a town near Jerusalem who are campaigning for men and women to be segregated, an AFP journalist said.  Israeli police had stepped up their patrols in Beit Shemesh following unrest sparked by discrimination against women imposed by a radical fringe of the town’s religious Jews.  Several demonstrators were taken in for questioning after police and journalists were roughed up and insulted by ultra-Orthodox men telling them to “clear off,” the journalist said.  There were also shouting matches between ultra-Orthodox and secular Jews.  Beit Shemesh residents showered police and television crews with eggs and also set fire to the contents of refuse bins.

Now, all those folk who decry the bigotry and lunacy of the likes of Pat Robertson are morally bound to denounce this bigotry, misogyny, and lunacy.

Breaking News! The United States Now Celebrates Boxing Day!!!

Who knew that this relic of the British Empire had been adopted at this late date here in the States?  But it has.

How do I know that we’re now celebrating Boxing Day?  Because the banks are closed and so is the Post Office.  So apparently the 26th of December is now some sort of national holiday.

I just wish someone had told me in advance.  I could have saved some gas.

Read Calvin’s Institutes Through the Year

Here’s a nifty reading plan which divides up the Institutes (of 1559) into segments guiding readers through the entire work in a year.  It’s just the sort of thing folk might want to do for their ‘Daily Devotional’.  Courtesy of this chap.