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It Just Wouldn’t Be Christmas if Someone weren’t Shot…

A 7-year-old boy was in critical condition on Christmas Day after being shot in the head shortly after midnight.  The boy, Leonard Cobb III, was one of two people hit by bullets apparently fired from across the street of a … Continue reading

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Robert Deutsch on the ‘Temple Seals’

Robert writes, quoting the earlier report (see the link below) “The team believes the tiny seal was put on objects designated to be used in the temple, and thus had to be ceremonially pure.” To which he responds Very interesting … Continue reading

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How the REAL 99% Spend Christmas

The next time one of the #Occupy people tell you they have it badly because they live in the First World and don’t have a greater share of capital, show them this picture and ask them why this shouldn’t be … Continue reading

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Death is the Reason for the Season

The New Testament is right to draw from this theological well (Is 53) as it nicely expresses the reason for which redemption is necessary. No one should celebrate Christmas without remembering that it is because of sin that the sending … Continue reading

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Christians in The Middle East Celebrate the Savior’s Birth

Al Jazeera has a fantastic photo array of our brothers and sisters in the Middle East celebrating Christmas.  Take a look.  Here’s my favorite- from the Church of the Nativity in the little town of Bethlehem:

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Praying for the Nigerian Church

Two bomb explosions targeting Christmas morning church services in Nigeria have left at least 25 people dead, officials said, in what appears to be a series of co-ordinated attacks in the heart of the country. The first attack occurred near a Catholic … Continue reading

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The First Written Evidence Confirming Jerusalem Temple Ritual Practices

Israeli archaeologists have uncovered the first archeological find to confirm written testimony of the ritual practices at the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.  An Israeli Antiquities Authority archaeological survey at the northwestern corner of the Temple Mount yielded a tiny tin … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Have a wondrous day and a brilliant New Year! Related articles Pope delivers message of peace on Christmas – CBS News (cbsnews.com) Christmas blast kills 19 at Nigeria church – Reuters (reuters.com)

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