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It’s Not Just FedEx Drivers Who Don’t Care, It’s UPS Too

Good workers are harder and harder to find. Just like people with ethics.

You Knew It Would Happen: ‘Churches’ Have Canceled Services, Because It’s Christmas…

Two words- bloody pagans.

In the last few days, I’d been hearing something counterintuitive from D.C. area pastors: Some churches were canceling services this Sunday, in honor of Christmas.  Yes, that’s right. Because so many people — parishioners and church staff — want to spend the whole precious day off with their families, some churches were going to cancel services. Or they were bracing for low turnout, maybe putting their JV-string of clergy out there for the smaller crowd.

They ought to go ahead and close their doors permanently.

Martin Luther: The Potty Mouth Reformer

There’s an essay on the potty mouthed Luther titled German Hercules: The Impact of Scatology on the Image of Martin Luther as a Man, 1483-1546, by Danielle Mead Skjelver that’s the perfect Christmas Eve diversion from everything Christmas-ish (should you wish to ‘step aside’ from all the festivities for a time).

And now, back to your regularly scheduled doings.

A Beautiful Christmas Poem

Da bist du, Gott
gerade auf die Welt gekommen
die Engel sind wieder gen Himmel
die heilige Nacht schon fortgeschritten.

Doch du bist da
in der Krippe, in Windeln gar
ich kann es kaum glauben
muss dich anschauen bei Tageslicht
muss dich ansehen wie die Hirten.

Ich sehe in dir alle, die geboren werden
blutig und bloß, Babys,
angewiesen auf zärtliche Hände.

Ich sehe in dir alle, die gewickelt werden
lachend die Kinder, belächelt die Alten,

Alle sehe ich, die hart liegen müssen
ohne Haus, ohne Heimat,

Alle sehe ich, die sich klein fühlen
ohne Aufgabe, ohne Ansehen,

Alle sehe ich, die sich schwach fühlen
Ohne Erfolg, ohne Einfluss

Doch da ist noch mehr:
Wer klein ist, wird groß
wer sich schwach fühlt, wird stark
wer draußen steht, wird herein geholt.

Auch das sehe ich in dir, Christus
in deiner Liebe,
kleiner, großer Gott.
Also wachse,
wachse in mir und in uns.

Mechthild Werner

My Favorite Christmas Song: Oh Holy Night

Nicely sung by Mariah Carey (though the introductory commercial-ette is a tad annoying) –

Christmas in Bethlehem


The Church of the Nativity, seen from Manger S...

Ha’aretz says

Thousands of pilgrims, tourists and local Christians gathered in the biblical West Bank town of Bethlehem on Saturday to begin Christmas Eve celebrations in the traditional birthplace of Jesus.  Visitors gathered near the 50-foot (15-meter) Christmas tree at Manger Square Saturday morning taking pictures and enjoying the sunshine.

The main event will be Midnight Mass at the Church of the Nativity, built over the location where Jesus is believed to have been born.  Israel’s Tourism Ministry said it expects 90,000 visitors for the holiday. Ministry spokeswoman Lydia Weitzman said that number is the same as last year’s record-breaking tally, but was surprisingly high considering the turmoil in the Arab world and the U.S.and European economic downturns.

God willing, this year will be the year that peace on earth dawns.  If not on the whole earth, anyway, I hope peace reigns in your house in 2012.  Merry Christmas.