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Christmas, Under Attack…

Me, that is, under attack by the great-nephews at the family get-together today.  They’re great kids and they had a lot of fun beating me to near-death.

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Hold On, You May Not Have Any Right to Talk About God

Psalm 50:16ff lays it on the table- 16 But to the wicked God says, “ Why do you talk about my laws? Why do you even mention my covenant? 17 You hate discipline, and you toss my words behind your … Continue reading

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Comfort Ye My People

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Quote of the Day

Evil has crept into this good creation because, and in so far as, man has faithlessly forgotten and denied the existence of his Creator and Lord.  Here there is no ‘intrinsic’ good.  What God does and wills is good; all … Continue reading

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A Brunner Gallery

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The Twentieth Century’s Greatest Systematic Theologian, Emil Brunner

Was born on the 23rd of December in 1889.  His breadth of knowledge was astonishing and his theological significance simply cannot be overstated or even exaggerated.  As Kelly van Andel puts it so nicely [Brunner] studied at both Zurich and … Continue reading

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Contradicting that Fish Magnet on Your Bumper

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Aww… A Christmas Miracle

Let me be more specific, since some folks don’t believe in miracles.  By ‘Christmas miracle’ I here mean an example of dilettantism that soars to the heights of the miraculous.  This particular dilettante is, in fact, miraculously ignorant. I use … Continue reading

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Morag Kersel: In Praise of Pots

There’s a new essay at Bible and Interpretation which opens In the Dead Sea region of Jordan, reports of looting began as early as the 1920s when Alexis Mallon and W. F. Albright first identified the Early Bronze Age cemetery … Continue reading

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Just for James McGrath

Because I know he likes the sciency-fictiony stuff- via Kyle on FB

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To All of You

Merry Christmas!  (In case you’re traveling today or tomorrow and won’t check in until after the holiday).  I hope you have a wonderful weekend and for pete’s sake don’t be a feckless and vile pagan and skip worship Sunday. If … Continue reading

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Oh Get Off It!

Stuffing an autistic kid in a duffel bag isn’t therapy, no matter how much his feckless school in Kentucky might think so. A 9-year-old autistic boy who misbehaved at school was stuffed into a duffel bag and the drawstring pulled … Continue reading

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