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Christopher Rollston at Tel Aviv University

Via Jack Sasson-

Tel Aviv University: The Department of Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Cultures; The Sonia and Marco Nadler Institute of Archaeology; The European Research Council Project “Reconstructing Ancient Israel”; International MA program in Ancient Israel Studies; The Faculty of Humanities, Invites you to A Guest Lecture by Prof. Christopher A. Rollston, Emmanuel Christian Seminary, Johnson City, Tennessee

Elites Penned Prose while Non-Elites Plowed and Pastured: Literacy in Levantine Antiquity

Wednesday, January 18, 2012, at 16:15, Room 133, Gilman Building, Tel Aviv University

Another Reason to Hate Amazon.com

They don’t even know how to spell Bultmann’s first name! Imbeciles. It’s Rudolf, not Rudolph, you filthy money grubbing greedy destroy all competition with unethical bribes aimed at the similarly greedy and short sighted louts!


… has anyone here ever heard of “Rudolph” Bultmann before? No. Me neither. But apparently Amazon are publishing his books, including Jesus Christ and Mythology, Primitive Christianity, and a two-volume Theology of the New Testament. Must be a plagiarising relative of the famous Rudolf Bultmann.

Dull minded uneducated drooling swine of the Amazon.  Here’s your sign!

Stump the Jock


Since So Many Bloggers Have a ‘Wednesday With Wright’ Post, Here’s What I’ve Learned from NT This Week!

What’s Wrong With Texas?

It has to be something serious. Honestly.

Another student GOP leader is in big trouble for being tasteless in Texas. “My president’s black, he snorts a lot of crack,” tweeted Cassandra Wright, president of the University of Texas College Republicans. Wright’s predecessor, Lauren Pierce, just stepped down last month after she tweeted that it might be “tempting” to shoot the president, launching a boatload of criticism. Wright’s response has been to shut down public access to her Twitter account, reports the Daily Mail. But the UT College Republicans seem as disgusted with Wright as, well, Democrats.

KKK making a comeback under cover of the University of Texas Student Republicans or something? What’s wrong with Texas?  Is it genetic? Is it in the water? Since Texas is shaped like a toilet, is it just that everything in the country flushes through it on its way to the Gulf sewer?

Why did we ever fight Mexico for it?

Are the Gospels Based on Eyewitness Accounts?

Peter thinks so.  I’m not so sure given one simple fact- they themselves never claim to be (except the Gospel of John).  Luke goes so far as to make sure his readers know that his Gospel is based on the information he has collected from others. So he can hardly be counted an eyewitness himself and he may have or may not have used eyewitness accounts. Besides, I’m unwilling to claim for the Bible what it doesn’t claim for itself (which is why, by the way, the terms ‘inerrant and infallible’ just don’t work. The Bible never claims such a status for itself).

Anyway, the last few years have seen an explosion of suggestions that the Gospels are eyewitness testimony.  So giving Peter’s lecture a look will certainly be informative.  Plus, Chris likes it (even though it appeared in April Chris is just mentioning it. I suppose he didn’t have time to get to it till he got out of jail last week…)

On Pastors: An Observation

Nothing warms a Pastor’s heart nor gives him a sense that his vocation as proclaimer of the Divine Word ‘matters’ to the ‘little flock’ quite so much as watching sheep wander from the fold after Sunday School so as to avoid the sermon or after Choir Practice on Wednesday so as to avoid Bible Study.

Such sheep-ly acts sear into the conscience of the VDM (Verbum dei minister) the life-lesson that all those years of training are as important to portions of the flock as a tick is to a dog.

Warm your pastor’s heart.  Walk out.  Believe you me, it will communicate to him the value which you place on him more clearly than any ‘boy that was a good sermon, preacher’ ever could.

[NB- By ‘warm’ here is clearly meant ‘leave a scar’].

That’s One Amazing Tourist!

He’s telling visitors to Israel that the footsteps of Jesus can be found at the Dead Sea!  Or as the headline in the Toronto Star has it-

Walking in Jesus’ footsteps in the Dead Sea

Wow. Just wow. First, there’s no shred of Scripture suggesting Jesus was at the Dead Sea (though he may well have been at some point). Nor that he walked ‘in’ it! But that doesn’t stop the Star! (Why let the facts get in the way of a headline?)

On a recent Friday, the first day of the Israeli weekend, the parking lot was packed with tour buses and private cars. A group of 40 Korean tourists were leaving after taking a dip, while a group of Americans on a Christian pilgrimage tour scooped some mud into bottles to take home. “When you first step in it’s a little cool and then it feels great,” said Eugenie Simon. “This whole trip has been wonderful. I feel like I’m walking where Jesus walked and Peter preached. I wish everyone could come here.”

Yes, Peter preached at the Dead Sea too… *sigh*.

[Sure, Mr Simon was probably referring to the entire tour, but unfortunately the Toronto Star doesn’t make that clear.   He may even think that Peter did preach at the Dead Sea and that Jesus walked on the water there too.  At any rate, journalists, whatever happened to the quest for clarity?]

Surprisingly, No One Has Entered to Win a Copy of the CEB This Week…

And the winner (if there are any entries), will be announced tomorrow!  What’s happened to Americans when winning a copy of the Bible isn’t the most exciting possibility of the year?

Psalm 50:7-15. Or, God Repudiates The Sacrificial System

The passages in the Old Testament which repudiate sacrifice always seem interesting, don’t they.  Especially given the fact that sacrifice was so central, it seems, to the Torah (the whole book of Leviticus is a priestly handbook of proper methodology in sacrifice) and the Temple so central to the identity of the people. And given the fact that for Christians the central act of redemption is the sacrifice of Jesus.

One of the most amazing of Old Testament passages repudiating sacrifice is Psalm 50 (in the CEB) –

7 “ Listen, my people, I will now speak; Israel, I will now testify against you. I am God—your God! 8 I’m not punishing you for your sacrifices or for your entirely burned offerings, which are always before me. 9 I won’t accept bulls from your house or goats from your corrals 10 because every forest animal already belongs to me, as do the cattle on a thousand hills. 11 I know every mountain bird; even the insects in the fields are mine. 12 Even if I were hungry, I wouldn’t tell you because the whole world and everything in it already belong to me. 13 Do I eat bulls’ meat? Do I drink goats’ blood? 14 Offer God a sacrifice of thanksgiving! Fulfill the promises you made to the Most High! 15 Cry out to me whenever you are in trouble; I will deliver you, then you will honor me. ”

Sacrificial system, you aren’t needed. What’s needed is thankfulness, fidelity, prayer, and trust.


The Jewish Zebra

via Ref.ch on FB

Thief-esta Bowl

More than two dozen Arizona politicians who received free game tickets or trips from the Fiesta Bowl will learn Wednesday whether they will face criminal charges.  Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery plans a morning press briefing where he’ll also detail changes he’d like to see in the state’s financial reporting laws for legislators and lobbyists.

Big time College sports = big time political corruption and thievery.  Who are they stealing from?  Taxpayers of course- by supplementing their bribe-income with public dollars in the form of legislative salaries.

Politicians run for office and spend millions of dollars just to make a few tens of thousands in a salary as a public servant?  Rubbish.  They spend millions because they know they can harvest multiple millions in under the table bribes, kickbacks and ‘incentives’.

There’s no government on earth innocent of corruption and the government of the United States from the local level up through the highest office in the land is just as corrupt as any third world politician.  You show me the money and I’ll show you the reason for the policy or law.

Don’t worry, though.  #Occupy whatever won’t disturb any ballgame, no matter how corrupt it is.

The Gath Inscription

Aren Maeir says

Two days ago, I mentioned how playing with Photoshop with pictures of the inscription from Area D did wonders. I was immediately swamped with requests to show pictures of the inscription!

Since I am a nice guy, and in the spirit of the holidays (Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, etc.), I decided to post something that will at least partially fulfill these requests (but will whet the appetite for more… 🙂 ).

He is a nice guy.  So he posts the ‘mem’ in the inscription and its enhanced versions.  (You’ll have to go there to see the others).

Wish he had posted the whole inscription?  Yeah, well you aren’t alone.  But I’m sure it will appear in due course.  Until then I’ll offer my own translation of the reconstructed phrase and particular word which includes the mem:

[then did Goliath drop his] s[hield and stagger to the ground after having been struck by David, the Second King of the United Kingdom of Israel who reigned from 1000 to 960 BCE…].

It’s going to be an amazing day when the full inscription is unveiled!!!!

Larry Schiffman’s Introduction to the Scrolls

From Eibert Tigchelaar-

Larry Schiffman’s introduction to the scrolls online as part of the Center for Online Judaic Studies: http://cojs.org/cojswiki/Dead_Sea_Scrolls.

Certainly you’ll enjoy it and appreciate it too.  Just don’t tell Raphael Golb.  He’ll accuse you of ignoring his dad’s theories and then he will spam you until you wish you had lived in the stone age.