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Christopher Rollston at Tel Aviv University

Via Jack Sasson- Tel Aviv University: The Department of Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Cultures; The Sonia and Marco Nadler Institute of Archaeology; The European Research Council Project “Reconstructing Ancient Israel”; International MA program in Ancient Israel Studies; The Faculty … Continue reading

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Another Reason to Hate Amazon.com

They don’t even know how to spell Bultmann’s first name! Imbeciles. It’s Rudolf, not Rudolph, you filthy money grubbing greedy destroy all competition with unethical bribes aimed at the similarly greedy and short sighted louts! Ugh! … has anyone here … Continue reading

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Stump the Jock


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Since So Many Bloggers Have a ‘Wednesday With Wright’ Post, Here’s What I’ve Learned from NT This Week!

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What’s Wrong With Texas?

It has to be something serious. Honestly. Another student GOP leader is in big trouble for being tasteless in Texas. “My president’s black, he snorts a lot of crack,” tweeted Cassandra Wright, president of the University of Texas College Republicans. … Continue reading

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Are the Gospels Based on Eyewitness Accounts?

Peter thinks so.  I’m not so sure given one simple fact- they themselves never claim to be (except the Gospel of John).  Luke goes so far as to make sure his readers know that his Gospel is based on the … Continue reading

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On Pastors: An Observation

Nothing warms a Pastor’s heart nor gives him a sense that his vocation as proclaimer of the Divine Word ‘matters’ to the ‘little flock’ quite so much as watching sheep wander from the fold after Sunday School so as to … Continue reading

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That’s One Amazing Tourist!

He’s telling visitors to Israel that the footsteps of Jesus can be found at the Dead Sea!  Or as the headline in the Toronto Star has it- Walking in Jesus’ footsteps in the Dead Sea Wow. Just wow. First, there’s … Continue reading

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Surprisingly, No One Has Entered to Win a Copy of the CEB This Week…

And the winner (if there are any entries), will be announced tomorrow!  What’s happened to Americans when winning a copy of the Bible isn’t the most exciting possibility of the year?

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Psalm 50:7-15. Or, God Repudiates The Sacrificial System

The passages in the Old Testament which repudiate sacrifice always seem interesting, don’t they.  Especially given the fact that sacrifice was so central, it seems, to the Torah (the whole book of Leviticus is a priestly handbook of proper methodology … Continue reading

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The Jewish Zebra

via Ref.ch on FB

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Thief-esta Bowl

More than two dozen Arizona politicians who received free game tickets or trips from the Fiesta Bowl will learn Wednesday whether they will face criminal charges.  Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery plans a morning press briefing where he’ll also detail … Continue reading

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The Gath Inscription

Aren Maeir says Two days ago, I mentioned how playing with Photoshop with pictures of the inscription from Area D did wonders. I was immediately swamped with requests to show pictures of the inscription! Since I am a nice guy, and in … Continue reading

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Larry Schiffman’s Introduction to the Scrolls

From Eibert Tigchelaar- Larry Schiffman’s introduction to the scrolls online as part of the Center for Online Judaic Studies: http://cojs.org/cojswiki/Dead_Sea_Scrolls. Certainly you’ll enjoy it and appreciate it too.  Just don’t tell Raphael Golb.  He’ll accuse you of ignoring his dad’s theories … Continue reading

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