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Total Depravity: The Mom Who Choked her Daughter Because the Packers Lost

From the serious-lack-of-perspective department: A woman in Wisconsin faces felony child abuse charges because she choked her daughter in a rage after the loss of the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, say police. The 11-year-old girl had red marks and … Continue reading

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The Huffington Post is So Curved Up Into Celebrities…

That if a celebrity- even a minor long forgotten one- retweets something, HuffPo retweets the retweet! So, earlier today the HuffPo tweeted a story about cocaine bespattering baby changing tables.  Apparently B-List Milano retweeted it.  This threw the HuffPo folk … Continue reading

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Why Is NT Wright Misleading People about Jesus?

Phil Long tweets- Student paper Badness: “After a brief overview of eschatology, Wright jumps into how Jesus plays a roll.” Why is NT Wright telling people that Jesus plays a roll?  What play was Jesus in that he is a … Continue reading

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A Chrome Extension Every User Should Have

Google Chrome users can download a new extension called “Amazon, Huh?” When shopping online, the extension will tell you different reasons why you shouldn’t buy from Amazon.  Check it out: “With their controversial ‘Price Check’ app, Amazon.com announced it would pay customers … Continue reading

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Bloggers Bust a Move at the San Francisco SBL

This video has just come to light-  it features Joel Watts, Mark Goodacre, James Crossley, Robert Cargill, and others singing at one of the many receptions! And yes, that is James Crossley doing the lead singing… and Joel comes out … Continue reading

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Another Jesus Sighting… In Color…

People, please.  That doesn’t look like Jesus.  It looks like Chewbacca. A Blue Springs woman said she wanted her family to remember the reason for the Christmas season but was surprised to get a divine reminder through Crayola crayons. The … Continue reading

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Joel Has Made My Head Explode…

With his vicious forgery…  See what you’ve done to me?  I hope you’re happy now.

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Who is Jesus: Disputed Questions and Answers

Eerdword has an interesting piece by none other than Carl Braaten (best known for his work in theology) about his new book on Jesus.  It concludes The quest of the historical Jesus is not only a project of liberal theologians … Continue reading

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Joel Watts has Lost His Mind: He’s Forged a Letter from Zwingli

Harry????  Really Joel?????  ANYONE who knows ANYTHING about Zwingli knows that his nickname was Uli.  If you had REALLY received a letter from him you would know him well enough to address him appropriately! Your use of ‘Harry’ demarcates you … Continue reading

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Zephaniah’s Hope: It’s What I Want for Christmas

A fascinating passage from Zephaniah seems appropriate in these troubled times. It has to do with the return from Exile and the behavior of the people of God. Pay attention to what Zephaniah says: 3:11 On that day, you won’t … Continue reading

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The Fedex Guy Who Throws a Computer Monitor!

Just saw this on ABC News-  This guy needs to be fired.  Today.

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The Turin Shroud is Fake. Get Over It

From the Telegraph– First things first. The “authenticity” or otherwise of the Shroud of Turin does not have any implications for whether or not Christ was real, or whether He was divine. If it was a medieval forgery, it doesn’t … Continue reading

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My QR Code

Go ahead, feel free to scan it:

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The Latest Video from Bibledex: The Shawshank Redemption (and the Bible)

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Idiot Angry Atheists In Wisconsin

How pathetic are the lives of the angry atheists in Wisconsin who feel disenfranchised because there’s a nativity scene on a public space in Texas!  Good grief- what pettiness and absurdity rules the lives of such tiny minded whiners. The … Continue reading

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An Old Jewish Bathhouse

Remains of an ancient bathhouse dating to the Byzantine period were exposed during work being conducted on the modern water infrastructure near Moshav Tarum in the Judean coastal hills. …  According to Dr. Rina Avner, the excavation director, together with Dr. Yitzchak … Continue reading

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‘There’s Death in the Pot!’ The Neti-Pot, That Is

Washing noses with neti pots or squeeze bottles has become increasingly popular as a home remedy for colds, allergies and sinus trouble. But it’s not such a great remedy if it kills you. Now that two people have died from infection with … Continue reading

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What’s Changed for Egyptians?

It looks to me as though they’ve only traded one tyrant for 100.  The military, having taken power, isn’t treating the population any different than the President did. Egyptian police and soldiers fired weapons and used batons and teargas for … Continue reading

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