How Zionism in General and Christian Zionism in Particular Are Destroying America, and Israel

Here’s one of the best essays on the subject of the toxic nature of Christian Zionism I’ve ever read.

With people of Jewish faith making up just 2% of the potential vote, why are American politicians pandering to the whims of Israel?
The answer partly lies in the fact that there are an estimated 40 million American Christian Zionists or Christian conservatives that constitutes a sizeable portion of the US vote. So what is Christian Zionism and how is it fundamentally different from other Christian teachings?

Great questions and better answers:

It is evident that both Jewish and Christian Zionists have a significant influence on Congress and indeed on US Foreign policy. Policy that favours Israel above any other middle-east country and more importantly over American citizens.

Damningly of Obama-

From 1976 onward, Israel has been the leading country for US economic assistance. In his 2012 budget speech President Obama requested a record $3.075 billion worth of weapons for Israel, a $75 million increase from 2011. This in stark contrast to the $700 million that was earmarked for Palestine but was withdrawn after pressure from Jewish lobby groups when Palestine attempted to achieve recognition as an UN member state. Israel has one of the highest economic growth rates and mean living standards in the world whilst Palestine has one of the lowest.

It is plain to the entire world that Israel is being treated more specially than any other country in the world. And that’s immoral. Shamefully the only public figure willing to speak the truth on the subject is Ron Paul.

Refreshingly, Ron Paul, US Presidential hopeful has called for the halting of all US aid. In a debate in October of this year, Ron Paul stated, “It’s not authorized in the constitution that we can take money from you (the American people) and give it to particular countries around the world. To me, foreign aid is taking money from poor people in this country and giving it to rich people in poor countries.” He went on to say, “That foreign aid makes Israel dependent on us… It softens them for their own economy. And they should have their sovereignty back, they should be able to deal with their neighbors at their own will.”

Indeed. Unfortunately the dreadful cowards in Washington would rather pander to the heretical fringe than act in judicious righteousness.

Sick of paying taxes to the military-industrial complex?  Then tell your Congressional delegation to stop giving Israel money hand over fist.    Tired of seeing the Palestinians treated like trash while Israel is treated as if it were God himeslf?  Then tell your elected officials to get their noses out of Christian Zionism’s posterior.

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