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Words of Wisdom

God doesn’t care who wins a ballgame- Paul Brewer, Prof. Of Systematic Theology (in class circa 1983).

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You’ll not want to let the day pass before you read this gem: The Story of the Outrage at Gibeah (Jdg. 19-21): Composition, Sources and Historical Context by Cynthia Edenburg.

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Do You Feel Like God Owes You Something?

You’re mistaken. Since all people have sinned in Adam and have come under the sentence of the curse and eternal death, God would have done no one an injustice if it had been his will to leave the entire human … Continue reading

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Those Annoying ‘End of the Year’ Lists And the Lunatics Who Comment on Them

OK, NPR nails it with this one called The 20 Unhappiest People You Meet In The Comments Sections Of Year-End Lists. And then they nail all 20 of them to the wall. Mutatis mutandis, the same could be said of … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: Zwingli’s Opinion of the Baden Disputation

Excuditur disputatio Badensis, ut fama est, Lucernae cum impudentissimo praeiudicio, praefigitur enim praefatio non tantum stulta et indocta, sed etiam adeo contumeliosa in Lutherum atque nos, ut  nihil unquam sit inauspicatius ac ominosius visum.  –  Huldrych Zwingli

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‘But We Need More Lebensraum!’

Bibi’s thirst for Palestinian property knows no satisfaction. The Housing Ministry published tenders on Sunday for 1,028 homes to be built in the West Bank and in East Jerusalem, part of a plan to build 6,000 housing units throughout Israel. … Continue reading

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How Zionism in General and Christian Zionism in Particular Are Destroying America, and Israel

Here’s one of the best essays on the subject of the toxic nature of Christian Zionism I’ve ever read. With people of Jewish faith making up just 2% of the potential vote, why are American politicians pandering to the whims … Continue reading

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SNL Does Tim Tebow

As they say, the kid has ‘made it’. SNL has mocked him.

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The Groningen Hypothesis Revisited

An essay by Florentino Garcia-Martinez titled The Groningen Hypothesis Revisited, Pages 17-29 in The Dead Sea Scrolls and Contemporary Culture. Proceedings of the International Conference held at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem (July 6-8, 2008). Edited by A. Roitman, L.H. Schiffman … Continue reading

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Hey, Why Do We Need a Savior Anyway?

In a word- sin. I know people don’t like to use that word, or hear it, any longer. We prefer ‘alternative lifestyle’ or ‘personal freedom’ or ‘my rights’ or most of all ‘I’ll do what I want when I want … Continue reading

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