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Over 430 Dead

If you’re the praying sort, pray for the Philippines. More than 400 people were killed and an unknown number were missing after a typhoon struck the southern Philippines, causing flash floods and landslides and driving tens of thousands from their … Continue reading

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Facebook, Why Must We Always Change Privacy Settings When You Decide You Want to ‘Update’???

It’s beyond annoying.  Especially since FB updates itself every month or so it seems. Get ready for your Facebook past to come back with a vengeance; the social network is now rolling out its new profile layout, Timeline, to all users … Continue reading

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Today With Zwingli

On the 17th of December in 1518 Huldrych Zwingli wrote this letter to his friend and soon to be colleague in Zurich, Leo Jud. Leoni Iudę Huldericus Zinlius S. Quam arcta mihi fuerit olim tecum amicicia, Leuncule doctissime, haud pręsentibus … Continue reading

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Did Hitchens Hate Jesus?

Left Behind, ‘Christian Music Industry’, and the other items listed as atrocities would make anyone dislike Christianity. But those things, like the Crusades and other atrocities, aren’t Christian. So it isn’t Christianity that’s hated, it’s a mischaracterization, a bastardization, of … Continue reading

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Conference Announcement: History of the Councils

Via Refo500– February 9, 2012, there will be an expert meeting in Leuven about ‘History of the Councils in Leuven Research’, organized by Refo500-partners Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Fondazione per le scienze religiose Giovanni XXIII and the Evangelische Theologische Faculteit Leuven. … Continue reading

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When Adam and Steve Walk Into the Chaplain’s Office And Ask to Be Married…

The Chaplain should have the right to say no. A proposal by Mississippi Sen. Roger Wicker that would let military chaplains refuse to perform same-sex weddings is expected to come up for a vote this week in the House and … Continue reading

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Who Understands Spiritual Things?

The Common English Bible renders portions of 1 Cor 2 thusly- 12 We haven’t received the world’s spirit but God’s Spirit so that we can know the things given to us by God. 13 These are the things we are … Continue reading

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