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Any plans laid by any Church, or Christian, which don’t have God as their beginning point, their middle, and their ending, don’t have any business being plans at all.

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Ghastly Christmas Displays…

One of our local news people posted this pic on the twitter.  She saw it driving through Pigeon Forge… her hashtag – so appropriate- #jesuswept

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Ohio’s Racist Landlord

This one will gall you.  The landlord who hung this sign up when a black girl started using the pool says it’s just there because it’s an antique! An Ohio landlord accused of discriminating against an African-American girl with a … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs: Miracle Worker

If he keeps this up the Catholic Church will canonize him! An avalanche of more than 100 apples rained down over a main road in Keresley, Coventry on Monday night.  The street was left littered with apples after they pelted … Continue reading

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More On Britain’s Gay Marriages on Church Grounds Debate

From the Guardian– The government has headed off moves to annul or delay regulations allowing religious groups to hold civil partnership services on their premises. An amendment tabled by Conservative peers that would have forced ministers to reconsider and redraft … Continue reading

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Oh Come ON! I Know Bloggers WAY Less Interesting Than Them!

In fact 99% of all the bloggers I know are 200% less interesting! It’s just wrong, then, to list that lot as the least interesting people of 2011. Who’s less interesting than Mark Stevens? Or Joel Watts? Tell me! Needless … Continue reading

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Yes, You Can Still Win A Copy of the Common English Bible

I’m still giving away copies (as authorized by the good people at the CEB).  Each Thursday I announce the week’s winner and this week that’s Boch!  If you entered and didn’t win, try again.  Just tell me why, in comments, … Continue reading

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See, Paul IS a Problem for Christianity

Almost as by divine Providence following my last post I went to the post office to pick up the mail and look what was in the box from Baker-  a copy of JRD Kirk’s ‘Jesus Have I Loved, But Paul?  … Continue reading

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The Wrightian War on Douglas Campbell

The war on Campbell by Wright’s sycophants has escalated to the Journal level! Zeal for Paul but Not According to Knowledge: Douglas Campbell’s War on ‘Justification Theory’, R. Barry Matlock, Journal for the Study of the New Testament 2011;34 115-149 … Continue reading

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Promiscuity Reigns

Mark Easton of the BBC tweets 17% men & 24% women say they’ve had only one sexual partner. 27% men and 13% women say over ten. Average bloke has 9.3 NHS survey finds. That means that of the people surveyed, … Continue reading

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Did Steve Jobs’ Faith, in Himself, Kill Him?

One of Steve Jobs’ closest friends and business allies has said the former Apple boss’s own self-belief and mindset led him to put off having his cancer treated. Avie Tevanian said Mr Jobs had a “reality distortion field” – a … Continue reading

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2012: The Year of Church Music

Musik fasziniert, berührt und bewegt. Zu allen Zeiten. Musik war der Herzschlag der Reformation, denn Martin Luther setzte als Erster theologische Erkenntnisse in Choräle um, die alle Menschen singen konnten. Der Gemeindegesang und die Kirchenmusik sind bis heute unverzichtbare Elemente … Continue reading

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