This Is Exactly Why China is Surpassing US and Taking over the World

In a word- dedication!

After reportedly throwing a temper tantrum on her way to school by sitting down in the middle of the street, a SUV ran over a little girl in eastern China, the Associated Press reports.   In an amazing group effort, bystanders lifted the SUV off the 5-year-old child, who was then sent to the hospital. Unfortunately for her, her mother still made her go to school the same day.

American parents would be too busy finding a lawyer and trying to get on local tv so they could be the recipients of fund raising efforts to actually take the uninjured little tot to school.

If Americans took the same pains to see to their children’s education, we’d be #1 academically (like we used to be before the dark days of snivelling parenting descended).

Hooray for you Tiger Mom!