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Why Some Kids are Dumber than Bricks

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The World’s Dumbest Christmas Tree Ornament

Some things are too stupid for words.  Really. The Swedish Army Museum in Stockholm is coming under fire for selling Christmas tree ornaments shaped like hand grenades.  The Stockholm museum is selling the ornaments to raise money for Christian Aid, … Continue reading

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This Is Exactly Why China is Surpassing US and Taking over the World

In a word- dedication! After reportedly throwing a temper tantrum on her way to school by sitting down in the middle of the street, a SUV ran over a little girl in eastern China, the Associated Press reports.   In an … Continue reading

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Fat Eglon

James Aitken uploaded as essay today you’ll enjoy: Fat Eglon, in G. Khan & D. Lipton (eds), Studies on the Text and Versions of the Hebrew Bible in honour of Robert Gordon (VTS 149; Leiden: Brill, 2012), 141-54. I confess … Continue reading

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‘She’s a Witch! Burn Her…!!!’

I hope your mind flashed right to the scene in the Monty Python film where the ridiculous mob calls for the witch to be burned which they themselves have made a witch by dressing her as a caricature of a … Continue reading

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80,000 Manuscripts in the Vatican Library will be Digitized

Antonio the Vigilant reports Alla Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana hanno iniziato a digitalizzare gli 80 mila manoscritti. Se iniziano ora finiranno nel 2020. Forse. Comunque, meglio tardi che mai. I hope I’m around in 2020 to see it done.

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Join the 2012 Archaeological Expedition at Megiddo

Here’s their website. It’s your chance to join Eric Cline in the field.

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For Those Pseudo-Pastors Who Talk about ‘Stuff’ From the Pulpit

Michael observes Imagine a football world church service where you can punish a referee wayward preacher with an electric shock for straying from the text. I know what you are thinking; such an idea is just too insanely beautiful and … Continue reading

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Epic Taekwondo Battle… Of Cute Tiny Children

It’s either that or Chris Tilling and Joel Watts going at it. I think they’re kids because Chris and Joel are pacifists…

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Lowe’s Is Wrong and the Florida Family Association is Racist

Politicians and activists slam Lowe’s choice to stop advertising on a reality TV show about Muslim Americans. The home improvement chain says it did so only after the show became a ‘lightning rod.’ Nonsense. The show isn’t a lightning rod … Continue reading

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The Telegraph and the Guardian on the Question of ‘The Jesus Nails’

The Telegraph reports Simcha’s suggestion that the nails of Jesus’ crucifixion have been found.  Dan Bahat responds “Nails can be for example of a wooden sarcophagus in which the deceased was laid until his body decayed and decomposed and then … Continue reading

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The Orthodox Rabbi Who Dislikes the Fusion of Religion and Politics in Israel

Reports Reformiert Kirche– Was sonst fast nur säkulare Israeli ansprechen, prangert nun laut «NZZ» vom 13. Dezember auch ein orthodoxer Rabbiner an: die Fusion von Religion und Staat in Israel. Damit hat Dov Halberthal sich ins Kreuzfeuer einer Kritik manövriert, … Continue reading

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The ‘Gay’ Penguin Goes Straight

This ought to annoy certain radical activists: One of the male penguins from the infamous “Brokeback iceberg” couple, has found a female mate. Which only suggests that he and the other chap weren’t gay at all but just good friends … Continue reading

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