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Everyone Has Contempt, For Congress

The majority of Americans just aren’t smart enough to know that THEIR Congressman is part of the problem too.  Which is why the contemptible imps remain in office election after election. Another day, another record low for Congress: Just 20% … Continue reading

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On the ‘Invented’ Palestinian People

Omar Rahman’s essay is must reading.  In part First there was Mike Huckabee, who came out in support of the building of illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank. Then there was Rick Santorum’s statement that there were no Palestinians … Continue reading

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If You Aren’t Following Phil Long on the Twitter, You Should Be

From moments ago- Freshman Paper Badness: “Cain was a manly man, who would always go out and hunt and gather food for his family.” #WhyIShouldQuitMyJob I love the #.  I feel your pain Phil, I really do.  It’s like plowing … Continue reading

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Occupy Amazon: Count me in Phil

Phil Long writes …[So] here is my person[al] form of protest against Amazon.  I am going to browse Amazon, read their reviews (for free) and use their tools (for free), then I am going to go to The Bookstore, Baker … Continue reading

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11 December

Zwingli wrote a lot.  And he published a lot.  Turns out that 11 December was a productive one for him, numerous of his works having appeared on that date.  For example- Nr. 71ii Entwurf zur Antwort auf des Papsts Schreiben … Continue reading

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What Saddleback Church Taught Their Community Today

When it decided to cancel their worship services Saddleback taught the community a valuable lesson:  ‘God matters less than your stomach does.  Your stomach is the god we strive to serve.’ Is it important that Christians lend aid?  Certainly.  But … Continue reading

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Even the Liberal Mayor of Portland Has no Use for Occupy

Said the Mayor “I am a liberal progressive, but I also get to have an opinion on the movement, and I’m going to put it out there,” Adams told Reuters. “Because any good movement has to be nimble, and this … Continue reading

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Newt Gingrich: Invented Historian

Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich has branded the Palestinian leadership terrorists and remarked that the people are a false nationality during recent campaign speeches. On Friday, during an interview with the US’ Jewish Channel, he branded Palestinians an “invented” people, … Continue reading

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God Changes You…

First he changes your outlook: Lu 1:46 Mary said, “ With all my heart I glorify the Lord! 47 In the depths of who I am I rejoice in God my savior. 48 He has looked with favor on the … Continue reading

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