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Quote of the Day

If heaven is our country, what can the earth be but a place of exile? If departure from the world is entrance into life, what is the world but a sepulchre, and what is residence in it but immersion in … Continue reading

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It’s Very Clear That Students Don’t Read the Bible Enough

Take this gem from a student paper (via P. Long on the twitter) – “After killing a Hebrew slave, Moses fleas Egypt to live in the Sinai dessert.” 1- Moses didn’t kill a Hebrew slave, he killed an Egyptian. 2- … Continue reading

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Willem J. de Wit – On The Way to the Living God

de Wit’s dissertation on Herman Bavinck has been published and you can either buy a hardcopy or download a pdf – for free. Willem J. de Wit is Lecturer of Biblical Studies and Systematic Theology at the Evangelical Theological Seminary … Continue reading

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The Archbishop of Dublin is the Best Catholic I Know

Sometimes you have to tell the truth even if it hairlips the Devil.  Would that the good Archbishop’s advice were taken by all the pseudo-Christians clinging to false security, self deceived into believing themselves in relationship with God when the … Continue reading

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Krampus: The Anti-Santa

The Krampus is a character from European Alpine folklore, common in Austria and Switzerland. The creature stands on two hooves and has horns growing out of its skull. An extremely long tongue hangs out of its mouth, and it carries … Continue reading

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The Best Typo Ever

via Dot King on FB

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Why The ‘Occupy’ Movement Doesn’t Move Me

via Tony Sines on G+

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Crime in the Philippines Drops to Zero…

When Manny Pacquiao has a fight.  Isn’t that intriguing… “The Pac-Man” is extremely popular in his home country of the Philippines. He has such an influence on the citizens there that the crime rate is practically nothing due to almost … Continue reading

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New Photos from Lachish, Khirbet Qeiyafa, and Gath

On the Tel Aviv University FB page.  Some great photos, all worth seeing!

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The Best of all the Facebook Groups

Is this one!  You should join it too, because if you don’t, well, I hate to put it bluntly, but it means that you are one of those predestined to condemnation.

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Today With Zwingli

December the 10th fell on a Thursday in 1523.  It was on that day that the Council of Zurich issued its mandate requiring the cessation of the Mass and the removal of idols (images) from the city’s churches. After Zwingli’s … Continue reading

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Writing the Bible, by Michael Langlois

Michael (of the University of Strassbourg and be-haired like Troy Polamalu) writes After a year-long gestation, the new series I submitted to Éditions du Cerf is ready to be born! Sous la plume de biblistes, philologues, épigraphistes et historiens des … Continue reading

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